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We defy you not to sob uncontrollably at these photos of Harry and Meghan getting married

Love was all around Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as they got hitched at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle.  And, the very sight of this royal pair had not just the nation, but the entire world oooh-ing and aah-ing as they brushed away
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'Orange is the New Black' stars crashed an Australian wedding to celebrate marriage equality

Orange is the New Black stars showed their support for Australia's recent legalisation of same-sex marriage by crashing a wedding.  As part of a press tour for Netflix in conjunction with Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, OITNB favourites
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Apple releases emotional ad to celebrate marriage equality

Like a host of other companies, Apple threw its support behind marriage equality in Australia. Now, the tech company has backed it up with a one-minute advertisement titled "First Dance," released on Sunday. It celebrates the first LGBTQ marriages
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Bermuda legalised marriage equality a year ago, but now it's taking it back

Last year, Bermuda made marriage equality legal. Now, the British overseas territory now stands as the first jurisdiction in the world to go backward on the decision. Signed into law by Bermuda's governor John Rankin on Thursday, the legislation
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Great Pre-Suasion Moments in History: The Perfect Persuasive Tactic

Before uttering a single word in court, the legal team arguing for marriage equality to the US Supreme Court in 2013 undertook a months-long nationwide public relations campaign with one man as its primary target–Justice Anthony Kennedy, who
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Great Pre-Suasion Moments in History: The Perfect Persuasive Tactic

From: Via: Great Pre-Suasion Moments in History: The Perfect Persuasive Tactic #
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Same-Sex Marriage May Be Legal, But You Can Still Be Fired For Being Gay

Rainbow flags are flying everywhere today, as the U.S. Supreme Court ruled (by the narrowest margin of 5-4) that same-sex couples across the country have an equal right to marry.This decision, overruling a 1972 decision, is based firmly on the
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Church in Ireland needs 'reality check' after gay marriage vote

From: Via: Thrilled about the Yes vote in Ireland!! Catholic church, your move: #lifeliberty of Ireland's most