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Amazon Prime Day: Philips Hue Smart Lighting Starter Kits are on sale for $80 off (and include an Echo)

It's 2018, guys. If you haven't made the switch to smart home yet, WYD? Amazon is apparently wondering the same thing, because Prime Day 2018 is really pushing the whole hands-free voice commands thing. As if every Echo device being on sale wasn't
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For Prime Day, this wet and dry electric shaver from Philips Norelco is on sale for less than $80

With a deal this good, even the most bearded of men would consider a clean shave. Amazon has the Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900 on sale for only $79.95 for Prime Day. This is the wet and dry edition of the shaver, so it means you can use it on
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This Hoover upright vacuum is on sale for less than $100 for Amazon Prime Day

This year's Prime Day is just full of surprises, like this upright vacuum from Hoover, which is now on sale. The Hoover T-Series WindTunnel upright vacuum is ideal for cleaning pet hair around your home. While other vacuums have cumbersome bags that
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Amazon Prime Day 2018: 23andMe's Genetics + Health DNA kit is on sale for $99 (AKA the lowest we've ever seen)

DNA testing kits are one of those things that are on most everyone's bucket list. But regardless of how cool they are, it may be hard to justify paying nearly $200 to swab your cheek when you have bills to pay. Except for today, because 23andMe's
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Apple has sold less than 1 million iPhones in India in 2018, claims report

Apple is facing a major crisis in India. According to a new Bloomberg report, the iPhone maker lost three pivotal sales executives in India and is currently struggling to grow its business in one of the world’s fastest-growing smartphone
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Get a 128 GB SanDisk SD card on sale for less than $25 thanks to Amazon Prime Day

Amazon added this 128 GB SanDisk SD card to the Prime Day lineup and we couldn't be happier. This "made for Amazon" SD memory card will let you add a ton of space for more photos, music, movies — you name it.   Normally, the high-gig card
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Amazon Prime Day: Echo, Fire TV, Kindle, and basically every other Amazon device are already on sale *big time*

Almost every Amazon device is on sale already ahead of Amazon Prime Day. Like, obviously Amazon is going to toot their own horn during their own holiday. So yeah, we knew that Echo devices, Fire tablets, etc., would be on sale — what we didn't
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Early Prime Day deals: Amazon has the Echo, Echo Spot, Echo Look, and more already on sale

More than 10 hours before the official launch of Prime Day 2018, Amazon is kicking things off with some epic savings on their Echo family of products. (GOOD MORNING!) We're talking about $100 off the Echo Show, $30 off the Echo (2nd generation), and
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Head-up display devices are on sale, can keep you safer on the road

The integration of smartphones, GPS, and advanced infotainment consoles in our cars have undoubtedly made driving easier and more enjoyable. But they’ve also added distractions to an experience that really demands our undivided attention.
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Amazon has Dyson vacuums, GoPro cameras, Whirlpool air conditioners, Ring video doorbells, and more on sale

It's Friday the 13th, but these Amazon deals are anything but spooky. The online retail behemoth has some really good deals ahead of Prime Day on Monday. From products to make your home a better place, to items to upgrade your kitchen, and fun