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Selling differently

From: Buisness-standard By Sangeeta Tanwar Recommended by: business-standard Technology is transforming the way companies operate, do business and deliver products and services. With customers becoming better informed and
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The Most Damaging Strategic Omission in Recruiting — Candidate Research

You Don’t Know Jack … About Your Recruiting Targets If businesspeople ran recruiting … candidate research would dominate! Even though both recruiting and product sales are involved in a form of selling, only the sales function
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OLX: From the seller to the buyer

Following a recent campaign featuring actor Kapil Sharma rooting for the brand with the exhortation Bech de, OLX is back to featuring common people in its new campaign. The message this time: Don't dither over purchase decisions.This is the first
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From: Via: RT @bsharpcorp: Free Ebook- 7 Steps To Implement A Continuous Learning Program For Your Sales Personnel #healthcare…Teams
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New and improved e-retail business

Last year Snapdeal' e-commerce platform handled 30 orders per second during the Diwali sale; this year it has handled 300 orders per second in its weekly festive sales. To handle huge traffic, the marketplace player has used a range of forecasting
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The #1 Rule for Branding, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Management and Happiness

From:   By: Geoffrey James Via: The #1 Rule for Branding, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Management an
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Excel in Negotiation

How much do you lose in a failed negotiation?   It's not just the immediate value of the current deal, but the potential benefits/business that could be generated in a long term relationship.     This is called as
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How to Use Cialdini’s Principles and A/B Testing to Increase Sales and

From: Via: RT @GrowthHackers: How to Use Cialdini’s Principles and A/B Testing to Increase Sales and Conversions…An
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iPhone 6S and 6S Plus sales set an opening weekend record

Apple is finally giving hard numbers again — and they're fairly impressive.Apple announced early Monday that it sold "more than" 13 million iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus devices in its opening weekend, setting a new launch record for the company.Last
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Use the Mackay Sales Scalpel to Sharpen Selling Techniques

Everyone is in sales.  Why?  Because from the time we wake up until our heads hit the pillow at night, we are continually:  communicating, negotiating, persuading, influencing and selling ideas. Do you want to nail the sale?