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Monster’s Largest Shareholder Will Fight Company Sale

One of the nation’s largest newspaper companies and reportedly Monster’s  largest shareholder said it is opposed to the $429 million sale of the recruiting services firm to Randstad, which was announced two weeks ago, and urged
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Selling Your Comp Plan the FAB Way

How are great salespeople able to seamlessly turn every one of your concerns into a demonstration of the prowess of their product? Are they really just that convincing or is there some type of method to their success? The best salespeople
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10 Sales Leadership Lessons From 10 Years at HubSpot

From:   By: Mark Roberge Via: Best treatment of sales leadership i've
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Selling Online In 2016 For The First Time – What Works When You Have A Blank Slate?

A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes. Kate Hudson, Emma Roberts, Eva Longoria, Jessica Biel and Rihanna began wearing Z Supply's clothing before […] The post Selling Online In 2016 For The First Time – What Works When
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The 33 Best Sales Training Video Channels on YouTube

From:   By: Pete Caputa Via: The 33 Best Sales Training Video
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The Top 5 Power Tips For Selling Extremely Hard-to-close Candidates

In this obviously tight job market, I estimate that it has become at least 25 percent harder to sell the most in-demand candidates. And closing the best is even more difficult if you are recruiting techies, data scientists, data security, and other
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A Portrait of the Overperforming Salesperson

From: Via: A Portrait of the Overperforming Salesperson. How do you compare? #sales #performance #work #
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Human factor in social selling

From: Buisness-standard By Apurva Chamaria Recommended by: business-standard Year 2010: "Social selling" was launched and it suddenly got a lot of attention. In the last five years, there has been a tremendous buzz around the new
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What Makes a Top Sales Performer? 4 Insights From Analyzing 1,000 Top Sales Performers

It’s well-known that top performers disproportionately contribute to company revenue – up to four times more compared to the average. When it comes to sales recruitment, it’s a puzzle we’re all trying to solve: What do top
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Are You Sure You’re Training the Right Things?

Not long ago a training consultant got a call from a sales manager who said, “We need sales training!” The consultant answered, “Are you sure?” The caller explained that some of their customer service reps were doing four