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Uber app updates with new safety features like 'trusted contacts,' 911 button

Uber keeps updating its app and adding features this week. Its latest announcement Thursday is all about safety. Now within the ride-hailing app riders can pick up to five people to list as "Trusted Contacts." For every ride those selected friends
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Stephen Miller flat out falls asleep during Trump speech on school safety

Between frothing about "cosmopolitans" or getting escorted out of CNN by security, it's rare to capture Senior White House policy advisor Stephen Miller in a humanlike moment. We take what we can. Like today for example, when Jim Lo Scalzo from EPA
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Lessons from the cab story

The Brand perils of changing rules of the game rapidly The last few days have seen major coverage in the media on the rape incident in Delhi. While one must condemn the incident and the repeated impunity with which these incidents keep
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The fruit of foul language

From: Via: My article: fruit of foul language...on why we are afraid to expose vulnerabilities to friends/lovers.... are often
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Insurance is for protection, not wealth creation

Life insurance has been invented by the society as a financial tool for creating a corpus to be utilised when financial support or protection is needed the most in someone's life. Insurance, therefore, is very different from savings, banking, and
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A Study on Physical Gold and Gold ETF

Stock Market has lead to tendency of many to go in for much safer investments that gives a reasonable return. This is the reason for gold gaining popularity as one of the safest avenues for investment.   Gold has always held importance