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'Kingdom Hearts III' may have leaked, but its biggest spoilers are still safe

Square Enix's hotly anticipated Kingdom Hearts III isn't supposed to be on the market until Jan. 25, 2019, but some copies have already made it to market, leading fans to brace themselves for a deluge of early spoilers.  SEE ALSO: All the best
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Not even your Dunkin' Donuts Perks account is safe from hackers

What is this world coming to.  In a troubling sign of these cybercrime-friendly times, it turns out that not even your Dunkin' Donuts Perks account is safe from hackers. And, as these things tend to go, that could have broad ramifications for
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HTC's blockchain phone is here, and it has a special way of keeping your cryptocoins safe

It's an important day for HTC.  The company's Android smartphones, once touted as among the best around (they're still pretty good), haven't been selling very well in recent years. But HTC is reinventing itself with a new device, that fully
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At least Elon Musk can celebrate the Tesla Model 3's perfect safety rating

Finally, some news Tesla can brag about.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently tested the new Tesla Model 3 (yes, the same car that forced CEO Elon Musk to sleep at the Tesla factory). The results? A perfect five-
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We still don't know if mobile phones are safe. Here's why.

Our phones are like an appendage. They lie close to us while we sleep, always awake, collecting texts and emails. They live in our pockets when we're on the go. They stare up at us while we work and eat. We often hold them against our heads or in
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Daphne the giant inflatable duck is safe after a week lost at sea

You can breathe again, everyone: Daphne the duck is safe!  A beloved member of the Cockburn Masters Swimming Club in Australia, the giant rubber duck was supposed to be the star of an annual ocean swimming competition, but strong winds pulled