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12 times Fox News goofed in 2018

The year was pretty ridonkulous across the board, but Fox News had itself a doozy of a 2018, with a string of controversies, slip-ups, feuds, and strange happenings.  SEE ALSO: 'Saturday Night Live' cold open rips Fox News and that ridiculous '
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Donald Trump mocked #MeToo and said Elizabeth Warren should take a DNA test. She is not amused.

Elizabeth Warren thinks it's high time Donald Trump stops obsessing over her genes. On Thursday, after the president brought up Warren's Native American heritage again at a Montana campaign rally, saying he'd like her to take a DNA test to prove her
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Russell Crowe will portray Roger Ailes in new series about the rise of Fox News

How did Fox television go from the house The Simpsons built into something resembling Donald Trump's state-run news network? A newly greenlit Showtime miniseries is set to explore the rise of Fox News, with Russell Crowe taking on the role of Roger
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Charlize Theron will play Megyn Kelly in a movie about Fox News

Charlize Theron is ready to take on Megyn Kelly. The Hollywood Reporter writes that Theron has been cast as the former Fox News anchor in an as-yet-untitled project about the downfall of Fox News chairman Roger Ailes.  SEE ALSO: The #MeToo men
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#MeToo Movement’s Gretchen Carlson to Talent Leaders: Be Fierce!

Gretchen Carlson, the accomplished journalist, former Miss America, long-time Fox & Friends host, author, Ted Talker, and unintentional founder of the #MeToo movement, spoke at the Spring ERE Recruiting Conference, and I was fortunate to
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Former Fox News host says Roger Ailes secretly watched female employees 'disrobe'

Former Fox News host Andrea Tantaros has accused former Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes, who is deceased, of secretly recording video of female employees including Tantaros in their offices and other rooms where they frequently disrobed. The
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Reactions to the death of Roger Ailes are all over the map

From: Mashable By Colin Daileda Recommended by: Mashable The past two decades saw Roger Ailes rise from obscurity into perhaps the most influential and allegedly abusive person at the intersection of American politics and media.
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Can You Enforce the Confidentiality of Employee Settlements?

A reader emailed me yesterday. “Hey Eric, Clients are wondering about value of settlement NDAs after ex-Fox News HWE victims go public despite contracts. Your reaction?” Wait! You mean employees actually violate confidentiality
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Time appears to be running out for Fox News CEO Roger Ailes

From: Mashable By Jason Abbruzzese Recommended by: Mashable Roger Ailes, President of Fox News Channel, attends the Hollywood Reporter celebration of 'The 35 Most Powerful People in Media' at the Four Season Grill Room on April 11
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Roger Ailes conservative media titan is out at Fox News

From: Mashable By Jason Abbruzzese Recommended by: Mashable Fox News chairman Roger Ailes walks with his wife Elizabeth Tilson as they leave the News Corp building, July 19, 2016 in New York City. Image: Drew Angerer/Getty