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Vicarious Surgical, startup that uses VR and robotics lands $16.8M in funding

From: Via: RT @ExponentialMed: Vicarious Surgical, startup that uses #VR and #robotics lands $16.75M in funding
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This robotic roommate wants to help lonely people keep in touch with their friends

'Fribo' is a cat-like robot that's designed for people who live alone but want to feel like they have a roommate. When 'Fribo' hears a noise it recognizes, it sends a message to another 'Fribo' in a friend's home, or an entire network of 'Fribos'
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Will China supplant US hegemony?

From: Buisness-standard By Kenneth Rogoff Recommended by: business-standard As rising importance of robotics and AI blunts China's manufacturing edge, ability to lead in technology will become more importantAs China and the United
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This Robot Startup Just Raised $25 Million To Make Warehouse Fulfillment Easier

Boston-based robotics startup has raised $25 million in a series B round aimed at hiring 80 new employees and enhancing the capabilities of its warehouse robots.
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This cake-making robot puts your other household robots to shame

Stephen Robinson made a cake-baking robot because he wanted to challenge himself to learn the basics of robotics. This project took about 300 hours, over a course of a year and a half, to complete. You can watch the full video here. Read more...More
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Build your own pet with this DIY robotic lizard

The DIY Bionic Robot Lizard is a STEM education toy that helps build an understanding of robotics, electronics and coding. for Get your own DIY Bionic Robot Lizard for $54.99 here. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Diy, Robot, Toy, and Coding
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This transforming Segway is the closest thing to having a real-life R2-D2

The Loomo isn't quite R2-D2, but it might just be the next best thing to a real-life droid. Built by Segway Robotics, a division of Segway-Ninebot, the Loomo is what happens when you fuse a miniPro self-balancing electric scooter (or as I like to
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Robotics Legend Ayanna Howard On The Future Of Human-Robot Interactions

Dr. Ayanna Howard is a robotics researcher and enterpreneur - her's her take on the future of the industry.
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This Motor Aims To Move The Robotics Industry Into New Directions

With its LiveDrive motor, Canadian-based research firm Genesis Robotics aims to make sleeker, more powerful robots.
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Nobody can handle that video of a robot dog opening a door for his robot dog friend

If films like Terminator and I, Robot have taught us anything, it's that one day humanity will finally take this whole robotics thing too far. Well brace yourselves for some machine-assisted doom, because on Monday Boston Dynamics released a new