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‘Corporate Skill Pivots’ May Signal the End of the Permanent Employees

Forget the job threats created by the march of the robots, because the new skill sets required by radical new technologies are much more likely to cause you to lose your permanent corporate job! In case you missed it, General...
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Toyota is testing its robot on 5G

Toyota says 5G will pave the way for robots in real-world scenarios, like environmental disasters and health care. Read more...More about Robot, Wireless, Toyota, Humanoid, and 5g
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Get the iRobot Roomba 670 for $100 off at Walmart

While some household chores can be taken care of occasionally or even on a weekly basis, vacuuming is one of those tasks that feels never finished. Probably because almost as soon as we finish, we're back to walking all over our nice clean floor.
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Jimmy Fallon's duet with Sophia the robot is as sweet as it is unsettling

One of the most tender, or creepy duets ever performed on The Tonight Show features a robot. Hampton Robotics' famous humanoid robot, Sophia, the first citizen robot in the world, joined Jimmy Fallon for a song on Wednesday night. After introducing
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Save on an ECOVACS robot/mop combo vacuum at Walmart, on sale for $155 off

As much as you enjoy having the family over for Thanksgiving, your nephew isn't the cleanest of the bunch, leaving a trail of crumbs wherever he goes. But you shouldn't have to spend your long weekend vacuuming the floors you just cleaned,
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Anki Vector review: A tiny robot with a big personality

Anki Vector $249.99 View Product The Good Personality shines through • Great graphics for facial expressions • Sleek black-and-gold paint job The Bad Knowledge base does not compare to that of Alexa or Google Assistant •
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3 small moon rocks are coming up for auction. Here's why.

On September 12, 1970, the Soviet Union landed a robot on the moon. The probe, named Luna 16, drilled into the lunar ground for seven minutes and removed around 100 grams — just over one-fourth of a pound — of small moon rocks and
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The dancing Boston Dynamics robot is even scarier when set to 'SexyBack'

If you thought it was scary enough when the Boston Dynamics robot dog SpotMini danced its robot ass off to "Uptown Funk," you ain't seen nothing yet. Turns out, SpotMini's menacing moves are even more upsetting when set to the funky, eerie tune of
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There's a robot dog empire in the making and Boston Dynamics has some worthy competitors – Genius Moments

This year's International Conference for Robotics and Systems was like a clash of the robot dog titans as a video emerged of the Boston Dynamics SpotMini hanging out with the ANYbotics robot, called ANYmal.  According to ANYbotics' cofounder P