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This chain-smoking robot is taking one for the team.

Researchers at the WYSS Institute at Harvard University developed a robot whose only task is smoking cigarettes. The smoke then goes through a tiny chip, lined with living human cells, that is used to study the effects of smoking on our lungs.
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Jet is having a huge sale on vacuums, with deals on Roombas, Dyson, Bissell, and more

We love vacuums, as evidenced by the fact that we wrote giant stories on the best robot ones and the best traditional ones — and genuinely enjoyed every minute of it. So obviously, when we found out that Jet is having a pretty massive sale on
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Save $250 on the robot vacuum that cleans and empties its own dustbin

These days, it's starting to seem like robots are the answer to every single one of our problems. Too lazy to mow your lawn? Get a robotic mower. Your landlord does not allow you to own a pet? Buy a robotic dog. Looking for someone to brush your
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These weed-killing robots could give big agrochemical companies a run for their money

Smart weed-killing robots are here and they have the potential to disrupt the entire pesticide industryEcoRobotix claims their robot could reduce the use of herbicide by 20 percent. Other examples include Blue River, a startup that develops smart
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'Detroit: Become Human' dehumanizes everything it touches

In the Welcome to Westworld-esque opening menu screen of Detroit: Become Human, a pretty blonde robot lady flirtatiously calibrates the game to satisfy your needs. Then, she gives you warning — and it sounds a lot like the game designers using
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Madeline Gannon is known as the "robot tamer" — she teaches giant industrial monsters to follow her every command

For Madeline Gannon, robots are not inanimate objects – they're creatures. Creatures that can lend people powers, like super strength and speed.  Gannon works with giant, often dangerous, industrial robots, giving them eyesight and
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5 times Boston Dynamics robots scared the hell out of us

We, as a culture, can't seem to decide whether we love or hate robots. On the one hand, they can be cute and friendly (The Iron Giant, Wall-E, Baymax from Big Hero 6) but on the other, they're depicted as completely terrifying and powerful and out
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Only HR Managers Are Immune From the Robots

When the robots arrive, some of you people out there in HR land are doomed. Utterly doomed! How do I know this? An algorithm told me. Go ahead and shake your head over the sheer preposterousness of it all. While...
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Google's creepy AI phone call feature will disclose it's a robot, after backlash

Google Duplex, the human-sounding AI assistant that can make phone calls for you, stunned us when it was demoed earlier this week. While impressive, Duplex has also received backlash in the past few days, leaving Google to stress about transparency