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The best cases for the iPhone 8 Plus, according to customer reviews

The release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were possibly the most comforting release ever. Sure, the iPhone X's changes are insanely cool — but a huge part of Team Apple was intimidated by the thought of making the leap to such a fancy
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The first reviews for 'Westworld' Season 2 seem cautiously optimistic

HBO's labyrinthine robot western Westworld returns April 22. If the first five episodes are any indication, it's going to be a multilayered bloodbath and we'll love every minute.  Early reviews for Westworld Season 2 point to a show that's more
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The best iPad Pro cases on Amazon, according to customer reviews

We're probably preaching to the choir right now, but iPad Pros are possibly the best tablet you can get. Can I get a hell yeah? They sport insane 12 MP cameras, quick movements and smooth app-to-app transitions with iOS 11, plus crystal clear retina
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'The Toy Shop' reviews Roller Racers, the kid powered scooters from grade school gym class

Roller Racers, aside from parachute games, were pretty much the highlight of any rainy day elementary school gym class.  The kid-powered scooter has handlebars to steer your way through childhood fun. They were originally created by a retired
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Vivo V9 Review: Living with the Android notch

TL;DR review: The Vivo V9 is one of the first Android smartphones to sport an iPhone X-like notch. But it's far cheaper than its role model, and it performs well — especially in the selfie department. The rear camera won't wow you, though.
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Facebook quietly pauses all new app and bot reviews

In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal that continues to haunt Facebook, people's News Feeds remain largely unchanged. But for developers, Facebook is a whole new world — and an empty one at that. SEE ALSO: How data scientists see the
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A #SourceCon Royale Keynote Review – Living a Social Engineer’s Dream

During her opening keynote at the 2018 Spring SourceCon Conference in Las Vegas, Jessica Clark addressed several factors of how social engineering can be used in a recruiting venture to build trust and focus the process forward to help staffing...
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White Hat vs Black Hat: What Sourcers Can Learn From Hackers – A #SourceCon Royale Review

SourceCon 2018, got straight to the central theme of social engineering in a style fitting to the host city of Las Vegas, Nevada. With Elvis Presley’s Suspicious Minds playing Jim Schnyder and Brian Mork kicked off the keynote sessions. Or...
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The best sous vide machines and cooking devices according to Amazon reviews

Sous vide: That plastic bag cooking thing that you've seen all over the internet and are confused as hell about. It may look complicated, but it's actually almost too easy — all you need is a pot, and a Ziploc bag, and a sous vide device. Sous
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Recruit From Your Inbox with Google Hire – A Product Review

I was recently at SourceCon learning about new tools, spending time with friends, and eating great food. You know me I love a good meal. One of the nights we were having dinner the conversation turned to applicant tracking systems....