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Which Features Increase Customer Retention?

From: Via: RT @VentureBean: Which Features Increase Customer Retention? via @mitsmrMost
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You Can’t Calculate Employer Branding’s ROI if You Omit Its Negative Impacts

Understanding the Top 10 Problems Associated With Having a Strong Employer Brand There are only two long-term strategic recruiting approaches: employer brand building, and talent pipelining. Of the two options, employer brand-building is by far the
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What HR Pros Had to Say About Recognition Programs

As employee recognition programs continue to be a critical element of employee engagement strategies, Michael C. Fina Recognition conducted its second annual in-booth survey of more than 300 HR professionals attending the SHRM 2016 Annual Conference
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The psychology of converting consumers to green power

From: Via: The psychology of converting consumers to green power difference would it
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How to Build a High Performance Sourcing Department – Part 2 Analytics

To truly build a high-performance sourcing department, analytics must be employed to determine how a sourcing team is performing and how to make improvements. According to analytics guru Bruce Schwan, the Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition
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Recruiters’ Catch22: How to Define your Social ROI

Social has taken the recruitment world by storm. It has now become a core component of the marketing strategies for many recruiters, HR professionals, and talent acquisition managers. What has accelerated this, even more, is the ubiquity of mobile
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If Time Is So Valuable, Why Aren’t You Tracking It?

Most executives are accustomed to tracking a wide variety of variables that affect our organizations: capital expenditures, return on investment, amortization rates, operating efficiency — you name it. Not only have we become more focused on
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Human factor in social selling

From: Buisness-standard By Apurva Chamaria Recommended by: business-standard Year 2010: "Social selling" was launched and it suddenly got a lot of attention. In the last five years, there has been a tremendous buzz around the new
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What You Need to Know Before Picking A Vendor

While it is a tall order for human resources to secure budget for a technology upgrade, it is equally challenging to ensure that the investment is made with the right vendor. Almost everyone in HR agrees on the many benefits of cloud technology. In