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Ingredients of a successful retail recipe

KSA Technopak is a premier global management consulting firm offering integrated strategy, process and technology deployment solutions to the retail, fashion, food & grocery and healthcare industries. Dipankar Halder, Associate Director, spoke
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The Wholesale Battle

Bangalore seems to be the preferred destination for all the bigwigs in retail. There is FamilyMart, a supercentre with a foodcourt, salon ,department store etc. Others in the fray and about to open their doors are Victoria Mall, Sigma and The Forum
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Will the corner Kirana perish?

The small retailers in metros and semi-metros may need to take a second look at their business strategies With the first generation of Indian organized retailers finally turning the corner and moving past breakeven, modern retail in India is poised
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The organised fashion industry

A corpus fund for the fashion industry to turn it into an organised sector The nascent fashion industry is all set to turn into a mega-buck sector soon with the setting up of a corpus fund. It will be a ‘Fashion Fund’ with an
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Most favoured destination

India may soon become an attractive proposition for global retail chains if the government brings about some changes The India retail market is fast gaining the world attention. With the recession of the 90s ending and consumer interest and
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The retail matrix

The Indian consumer durable market is making good use of the franchisee route to make its presence felt in a huge and diverse market like India Earlier retailers were just an inconsequential specks on a company’s distribution network
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Sure-fire success

Franchising is a good opportunity for an wntrepreneur to make a mark in the business world   Franchising is a wealth creating concept. It gives individuals the opportunity to take charge and build assets. Franchisees enjoy the best of
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The Mall, a forum of entertainment

Painstakingly detailed planning has gone into making 'The Forum' a unique shopping experience Someone once described Bangalore as a small town dressed up as a city. The lament is that it has nothing to offer besides good weather and pubs
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Retail Formatting

Organsied retailing is at last coming of age in India. There is a definite change in consumer behavior and expectations. Malls and multicomplexes with multi brand oulets are all over the place. At this crucial juncture, everyone has certain
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Fading Footfalls

The retail market is increasingly moving away from the commercial centers due to congestion and inconveniences The rise in the per capita income and globalization has resulted in a renewed concentration on retailing. With the dramatic retail