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Getting to the source code

With the growth of the retailing sector one can see an obsolesce of the bar code reader. RFID tags offer retailers an easier way to manage inventory than bar codes. But one has to wait till there are enough big players which will also reduce its
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Ripples in Retail

Interesting titbits from the retail world! Is this really low cost?   Low cost PC for the rural markets… the ultimate elixir still being searched by everyone in the consumer electronics business. There have been some
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Mall Dreams

Designing a mall is no work of a novice. A lot of effort goes into making sense of time and space. It would seem ridiculous to talk about the rising mall culture and its impact on the Indian retailing scene today. Exactly this time of the year
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Plan-o-gram A necessary evil in retailing?

A properly designed Plan-o-gram can help increase sales margin, push higher margin stocks, liquidate old stocks, or even manipulate sales all to the retailer’s benefit. It can also be used as an effective tool during negotiation with the FMCG
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Like a Flame to a moth

There is a science and art to visual merchandising. The science is the part where one determines how to present the store. The art is making it look different. Presentation, ambience and visual merchandising greatly determine the behavior and buying
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The Congregating Culture

  Panel Discussion organised by TASMAC & Businessgyan. Organised Retailing is the current buzz in the market and with about 600 malls planned in the near future, India seems to be a fertile ground for such activities.
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Retail in the fast lane

In the recent years infotech and retail know-how has brought a huge change in the market. Retailing software has made it much easier to manage customer preferences, stocks, logistics and reducing costs while significantly improving overall
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Intelligent Customer Relationship

‘Intelligent Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Retail’ is all about keeping your customers loyal. Various technologies like RFID-embedded customer loyalty card are being used. But more than these card-triggers - wave-readers,
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Have you got your resources planned?

ERP integrates the information across functions, provides a convenient tool for planning and monitoring various functions and ensuring progress towards a common purpose. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has become the buzzword in today’s
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Zero in on World Class Productivity

‘Productivity’, someone quipped, ‘is a term more misunderstood, more abused and more misapplied, than any other, except perhaps ‘capital’ and ‘sex’! True enough, productivity is defined by or related to