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Retail - Bargaining

Everybody loves a bargain. It gives us a sense of accomplishment. Never mind if the resultant gain is marginal, it's like being in an argument - one must have the last word even if it strains the relationship. Curiously, have you noticed
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Intra-industry Growth: Why the Difference?

Two recent conversations with senior executives at similar, but different retailers, brought up an interesting discovery. These two companies, in the traditional sari retailing business, are both well known and their brands well received in the
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Retail - The Big Indian Opportunity

Many domestic and international players have entered the Indian retail market. It is being looked at as an good investment and growth opportunity. Bijou Kurien President and Chief Executive of Lifestyle Division of Reliance Retail, Subhabrata Ghosh
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K. Raheja Corp. Group launches HyperCITY, India

The retail industry in India today took a quantum leap with  the  launch  of HyperCITY, India first true hypermarket in the popular retail  corridor at Malad West in Mumbai. Promoted by the K. Raheja Corp. Group, a leader in the
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Behind the brand!!

Shopping is a favourite activity with young & old today. But was it always like this & what does the future hold? Find out…… A few years ago, shopping was a necessary activity that was best planned for weekends, and more
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Ethnic Fusion

With the major upheavals in the market existing big players are managing themselves. But the small and salad brands will anyway carve a niche for themselves. Just as the world of textiles is moving to a new era of free trade without quota
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Getting to the source code

With the growth of the retailing sector one can see an obsolesce of the bar code reader. RFID tags offer retailers an easier way to manage inventory than bar codes. But one has to wait till there are enough big players which will also reduce its
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Ripples in Retail

Interesting titbits from the retail world! Is this really low cost?   Low cost PC for the rural markets… the ultimate elixir still being searched by everyone in the consumer electronics business. There have been some
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Mall Dreams

Designing a mall is no work of a novice. A lot of effort goes into making sense of time and space. It would seem ridiculous to talk about the rising mall culture and its impact on the Indian retailing scene today. Exactly this time of the year
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Plan-o-gram A necessary evil in retailing?

A properly designed Plan-o-gram can help increase sales margin, push higher margin stocks, liquidate old stocks, or even manipulate sales all to the retailer’s benefit. It can also be used as an effective tool during negotiation with the FMCG