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Researchers hit back at climate change deniers twisting polar bear science

Most polar bear populations are in okay shape today, and this comes with a problem: Climate change deniers, often in the form of bloggers, employ this fleeting reality to promote skepticism about the idea that the planet is warming. The broad
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Software used to study stars is helping protect the rarest and most endangered animals on Earth

Researchers at Liverpool John Moores University repurposed astrophysical software to track endangered species and help prevent them from going extinct. The system uses drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras capable of automatically identifying
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Researchers discover mummy in coffin thought to be empty

Since it was bought 160 years ago, University of Sydney archaeologists didn't think there was much to a particular sarcophagus in its collection. The coffin of one Mer-Neith-it-es sat in the Nicholson Museum, listed as empty in a 1948 handbook,