Remember that idea you had, when you first heard the word ‘Entrepreneurship’, but were too afraid to try!

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Late home again? Trying to earn living for your parents and kids but unable to actually live with them. All caught between daily 9 - 5, but still can’t provide the right type of life to your family because - Boss. But then look at the line, man! Its bosses on bosses on bosses. Has this become your natural state? Lost in being part of the system for so long that you have now lost your family and life. 
            Life has just become a run of the mill job. It’s hard and getting harder. But has it not been this way always? It ain’t all sunshine and rainbow, is it? Busy with your daily errands, you have even given up that little childish dream of yours to be big, rich & famous. Is that not everybody’s dream? The bright lure of future diminishes your life’s joy in this mad scramble for identity. It’s the unspoken truth of humanity, but all of us just crave fame. Deep down all of us just want to be the next Steve Jobs or Weili Dai. Sitting in your cubicle, thoughts like this sift through your mind and you wonder how did I end up here in the first place? How the billionaire in your dreams did is still stuck in mediocre 9-5 life. Maybe it’s time to move up the line of bosses and be your own boss! But how?
            Remember that idea you had, when you first heard the word ‘Entrepreneurship’, but were too afraid to try! Well, maybe it’s the time to tell yourselves “Tu Beer Hai” and get out of the bottle and resurrect that old idea of yours. What if Elon Musk had been too scared to try? Strip yourselves of all doubts and dilemmas, dare to step forward. If you have an idea, or a start-up in it’s adolescence, we at E-Cell IIT Bombay are here to give that one in a million opportunity to take your idea/startup to the next level. 
E- Cell, IIT Bombay finds proud in presenting Eureka, a one ofits kind platform for underdog Entrepreneurs give their startup or Idea a gigantic business leap. Eureka gives you a chance to create something big and revolutionary. If you have an intelligent idea or a startup, Eureka helps speed up your journey to being one of the biggest Entrepreneurs out there. Eureka is a 5 month long journey that acknowledges the potential in your idea, and realises the idea into a B Model and provides a platform to pitch your Model in front of a panel of investors. Eureka has existed for 17 whole years now, and has escalated from just 50 participants competing for INR 50000 to seeing over 8000 entries competing for INR 5 Million. Its excellent networking opportunities in India and Silicon Valley are what, that have made Eureka - Asia’s largest business model competition. So heed the gravity of the opportunity. A small step for you here, can be giant leap for your startup. This is your turn to make a mark in the enterprise world. This is your turn to outstand and outshine.         
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