Relevance of video presentation in Corporate Communication

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"Only if more people knew about my business, I could reach my sales target easily."

"How can I get my customers to visit my factory and impress them with the infrastructure and production facilities that would surely make impact in their decision to do business with me?"

"At the same time, how can I avoid wasting time on "unproductive enquiries?"


"How do I reach clients who claim to be too busy to visit my office? Especially when I am clear that their one visit of will immediately jump start the entire conversation and open up win-win scenario for both. "


"I am aware that today I may be getting big orders simply by talking to my customers. Sometimes even a telephone call is sufficient. Nevertheless, that is limiting my own growth. How do I ensure that all my sales representatives portray my company the way I do?"


"How do I ensure that my dealers and sales staff demonstrate my product every time the way it needs to be shown? How do I carry my bulky product for demo?"


These are the voices of most of the aspiring entrepreneurs, service providers, managers, and other professionals, who are determined to make it in the new reality.


Being effective as individuals and organisations is no longer optional in today's ever-challenging business world - it is the price of entry to the playing field.


The call and need of a new era is for effective communication. When you want to play bigger games in your business, it becomes further more imperative to have efficient and effective conversations, keen execution, and conscience. Surviving, thriving, innovating, excelling, and leading in this new reality require building on and reach beyond effectiveness.


What conversations do you need to create for your customers and prospects that would result into creating credibility for you and your business?


Would your customer consider doing business with you if he meets you personally, sees your infrastructures, understands your processes and capabilities? Could you communicate all these over the net, in your brochures or your flash presentations? And how quick will all these build the credibility for your company?


When you desire to capture markets beyond your city or country, a professionally done video presentation will prove to be a versatile marketing tool. Looking at your video presentation your prospects will have an experience of having personally visited your premises and witnessed various processes you adopt - without leaving his place. This experience then starts acting like catalyst for initiating the crucial business dialogue. This also saves lot of time and money spent on travelling. It allows you to focus on important activities, while junior sales representatives handle the initial dialogue. Through the corporate film you could give a complete picture of the business to the prospects exactly as a CEO would create.


For companies that have huge and bulky products which are cumbersome to carry around, and where it is very important that customers sees the product before he make a decision to buy it; a video presentation can be used to give professional and highly effective product demo. It allows the customer to visualize the utility of your product.


In addition, if your business depends on the quality of infrastructure and processes, you follow in the production; it makes a lot of sense to SHOW them instead of simply writing about it. That leaves a lasting impression about your company on the prospect's mind. This in turn helps them make buying decisions in your favour.


Other use of video presentation include training human resource, work force recruitment, technical training, corporate ‘culture & ethics', for operating special machineries, special procedures or activities, etc.


Important points to remember while making an effective video presentation:


1. While the sleekness is important in any presentation, that alone is not sufficient.


2. The content of the conversation is the key and more important is the context for each conversation.


3. Conversations made from the customer's viewpoint produce better results than the conversations that brag about self.


4. Use professionals who are willing to understand what your business is before they start writing the voiceover script and visualize the storyboard.


5. Avoid using handheld/home video shooting completely.


6. If you are having people talking in the presentation, make sure that conversations for each person is prepared in advance, checked and reviewed thoroughly. It is important that each person practices their conversation thoroughly, prior to shoot and delivers the same candidly while actual shooting takes place.


7. When unsure about the visual, use blank screen with voice-over text as caption to convey the message.


8. Use of animated graphics and supers help in creating a powerful impact.


9. Professional voice over can deliver the message very powerfully.


sushil-shandilyaThe author is CEO of Sushil Shandilya Consulting (AKA SSC-global). His areas of interest include Corporate Business Communications, Films and Photography. He can be reached at For more information about his activities visit

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