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True or False?–The More You Promote Yourself, the More Referrals You’ll Get . . .

From: Recommended by: Balaji Pasumarthy  By: Ivan Misner It is not enough if you talk about yourself, in order to get referrals tell people:  “This is what I do. Here
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Leaving it on the Table- Not asking costs business.

People might want to help you, they might also be capable of helping you, they might also have the contacts to help you. The only reason they have not done so till now might be because you just have not asked. Here is an interesting article by Jack
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Have You Made Your Business Networking Campaign Checklist?

It’s amazing what a business networking campaign can do for your business. People rely on recommendations from trusted sources much more than they do from mere advertisements. The best thing is, the costs associated with running a
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3 Major Misconceptions About Networking

Once you overcome these misconceptions, there will be nothing to stop you building powerful network that provides continuous business and opportunities. Think about the most successful people you know. What do they have in common? Probably
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5 Ways to be Your Own “Chief Networking Officer"

  Every business should have a CNO, but you don’t have to hire one. You just have to take on the “CNO mindset!” Those of you who work in organizations might be familiar with an increasingly popular position, that of
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Fishing for Referrals

Just like fishing,  the  process of meeting people, staying in touch, and then asking for their business is something you can do time after time. Do referrals happen by accident? A few years
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Out of the Box

I remember my first box of business cards.  I spent countless hours poring over the design and layout, considering each kerning of the font.  I wondered whether I would lose credibility with a potential client because my address was left