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3 New Tech Inventions With Potential to Revolutionize the Job Market

Everyone is getting with the times. Smartphones, wearable technology, and ride-sharing apps are yesterday’s news. Here are some technology innovations that could affect the job market, to keep your eyes on. Google Crushes the Language Barrier
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Glassdoor Survey: This Is the Largest Problem Facing American and UK Employers

The largest problem facing American and UK employers at the moment is attracting quality applicants, according to a recent study published by Glassdoor in September. When surveyed, 76 percent of hiring mangers stated they have experienced
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Automation, Text Messaging, and Lagging Confidence Showcase Hottest Recruiting Trends for 2018

Hot off the acquisition of TextRecruit by iCIMS, a new recruiting trends report from Bullhorn supports the strength of text messaging to communicate with job seekers over email and phone calls. Of the staffing professionals surveyed by the CRM
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5 Warning Signs Your Hiring Process Isn’t Ready to Fuel Company Growth

You’re excited for the New Year. The first quarter plans involve ambitious goals for company growth. Of course, the best way to fuel that growth is with a great hiring process. But you might not actually be ready for growth...
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We’ve Created a Monster – Bad Recruiting

I read recently in a random article that there were 6,900 open jobs within Talent Acquisition in the United States currently. Wow. For the people that think AI (artificial intelligence for those living under a rock) will take over the...
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Lever Aims to Eliminate ‘Talent Graveyard’ with Nurture Recommendations

Add Lever to the list of companies looking to raise the dead of your talent pool. Last week, the recruitment software provider introduced Nurture Recommendations to its existing Lever Nurture applicant tracking solution. Nurture
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Facebook’s Offensive on Recruitment Marches On, Testing Resume Posting Feature

If there’s anything more interesting than Facebook’s foray into recruitment, it’s the speed at which it is moving. This year alone, Facebook has introduced the following: The ability to post jobs on through company Pages A
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Hiring Wisdom: Hard Questions Make For Better Hires

Although impolite, rude, and bullying social media behavior grab the headlines, ours is still a basically polite society. That’s why most of us rely on our pre-employment paperwork to ask job applicants the tough questions about