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Selecting the right people - practical tips and guidelines

Xavier: Good evening and a warm welcome to all of you. I would like to thank, Vinay Deshpande particularly for taking the time off to be here. It is really our privilege that people like him often consent to be on our panel thus allowing us to
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Team Leader Selection The Democratic Way

The Top performer may not be the best person suitable to be a Team Lead. Read on for insights on how one can go about finding the right people, which includes a vote from team members. In an industry where flat structures are the norm, where the
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Recruiting Right to win business in Global markets

Marshall Mcluhan’s “Global Village”, actually begins in our backyard.  We have managed to conquer time and space in the last century with giant strides in communication and aviation.  The whole world today is a
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A guide to effective mass recruiting

Slowdown or no slowdown, companies particularly those in the technology space are often required to hire talent in large numbers for a new project, division or initiative. Though seemingly simple at the outset, doing the same in such a manner for
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Redefining recruitment aptitude tests

“…An organization’s ability to learn, share that learning, and then act on that learning is absolutely the biggest competitive advantage that an organization has…” Human capital is arguably the most treasured and