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Warren Buffet on People and Investments

"Integrity, Intelligence and Energy." is what Warren Buffet looks for in People. Integrity being the key thing, because you might have Intelligence and Energy, but without Integrity these qualities are of no use. These fascinating nuggets
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IIIT-Bangalore hosts NEN’s Placement Day Zero

A first-of-its-kind recruitment event to help startups hire talented students NEN Placement Day Zero, brought together over 80 students from the graduating M-Tech batch and ten prescreened startups to interact with each other in a low-
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Recruiting sales professionals in organisations

  Importance Of Sales Function In Any Organization "Let me see if I understand you correctly: your livelihood depends upon your sales efforts - and you don't like to do it. Is that right?"- Anon   This
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A Dream Job

A section of our society today, works while the rest of us sleep. But far from being a nightmare it is a ‘Dream' job for many. Unemployment was a problem but suddenly the tables have turned! With newer and better prospects cropping up
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Season's best

Applicant Tracking Systems provide a 7competitive edge globally to a large organisation in building ‘shock proof hiring’ strategies. The season is good considering the number of hirings happening across the spectrum of the economy.
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Recruitment in today's scenario

Getting a 100 per cent fit for the required job is what gives an edge to the organizations. With the war clouds receding and the rain clouds approaching, there is a sense of optimism across industries. Even the dampening results of the software
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Finders are keepers

The biggest challenge in the recruitment business is finding and retaining talent. Ramakant Achrekar and the Sharda Vidyamandir’s progeny of cricket geniuses are legendary. So what is it that makes this institute unique? The coach and his
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Cross border search

Indian global executives need to be more visible in the world business order. Leadership is paramount in a future which is digital and where intellectual capital has replaced the traditional brick and mortar as any organization’s
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Writing it right

Graphology can be used as an added selection tool to gauge personality traits. Graphology is the art of estimating a person’s character from his handwriting. The modern science of graphology owes its origins to the theory of space
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Interviewing techniques

The success of any organisation to recruit ace talent depends largely on the skills of a recruiter. The IT soothsayers have heralded he resurgence of this proverbial sunrise industry, whereas the doubting Thomases are recommending ‘