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Top 10 products on Prime Day, according to Mashable readers

RIP, Prime Day 2018. You were so popular that your site quite literally broke for a good portion of the first day, but did that stop all of us from spending way more than the limit we promised ourselves? Hell no. Despite the massive 404 error glitch
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5 books about immigrant and refugee experiences that you'll want to read with your kids

Over the past several weeks, we've had heartrending conversations about what's happening to migrant children and their families at the U.S. border.  The Trump administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policy has separated children from
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Google says no one is reading your emails, except...

Google would like you to know that no one is reading your emails on Gmail without your permission. While that may be true, things aren't that simple.   After a Wall Street Journal report (published Monday) described how third-party developers
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I'm obsessed with reading movie scripts thanks to this Instagram account

My marker of a fantastic film is when I leave the theater without any clue of the current time of day or what responsibilities I left behind when I walked into the building three hours prior. Lately I've been obsessed with the process of getting to
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Slack might be making it harder to know if your boss is reading your DMs

Your boss can probably already read your Slack direct messages.  And if they can't? Well, Slack may be making it easier for them to do so. What's more, the company is changing the process for employees to discover if their bosses are indeed
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Pink, Nick Jonas, and other musicians read out weirdly specific mean tweets

Are you ready for the badly spelled ire? SEE ALSO: Jimmy Kimmel shoves Trump's trash talkin' tweet back in his face On Tuesday night Jimmy Kimmel Live showcased yet more celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves. It was a musical edition, and
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If you liked the 'Annihilation' movie, you absolutely NEED to read the book

There is frequently a disclaimer that accompanies Alex Garland's new movie Annihilation: it's nothing like the book. At first glance, based on the trailer, the movie positions itself as a fight against creepy things that go bump in the night.
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The 12 books every aspiring leader should read, according to a Stanford professor

From: Via: Thanks again, @work_matterso Bob Sutton! Great list. have been maintaining — and
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12 books that every leader should read

From: Via: Once again in great company. Thanks, Bob @work_matters and @LaddersHQ have been
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What to watch instead of Trump reading the State of the Union off a teleprompter

Once upon a better time, watching the State of the Union address each year was considered a civic duty. Now that Trump is president, it's rightly considered a spectacular waste of time.  Last year, Trump successfully read off a teleprompter for