R.E.A.C.H - Training Program for Employment in the Retail Industry

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MetaMorph Learning has announced the national launch of its 'REACH - Retail Employability and Careers Hub' training program for employment in the retail industry. This unique training program is aimed at matriculates, college dropouts and other unemployed youth to enable them to gain access to entry level job opportunities in the organized retail outlets across the country.

Though the criticality of entry level personnel is well recognized, currently there are no national level training institutes offering structured training programs aimed at creating trained and skilled entry level employees. MetaMorph seeks to bridge this gap through the REACH program. REACH will offer its services to retail Houses for training and recruitment of entry level store personnel. Reach will offer Hiring support, pre and post-hire support, training programs for existing personnel to the retail sector. REACH is also in a strategic partnership with Team Lease, India's leading staffing company that provides temporary and permanent manpower solutions to the retail industry among others. In addition, Reach is also working with NGOs like Karnataka based Ujjivan and Myrada in training people from disadvantaged sections of the society and helping them get employment in the retail sector.

REACH seeks to meet the socio-economic objective of up-skilling un-employed youth and giving them an opportunity to be part of the growing organised sector. By 2011, 25% of all retail trade is expected to be in the organised sector. The REACH program is planned to be delivered across the country through different delivery partners. REACH is partnering with Hughes NetFusion to deliver the program at Hughes satellite training centres all over the country. The course delivery will have a unique model that will include conceptual learning via Virtual Classrooms and Self-paced Learning along with practical exposure through Store visits and Experiential Assignments. For developing its e-learning platforms, REACH is in strategic partnership with Ballistic Learning, Moodle's development partner for India.


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