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A Few Simple Questions to Ask When Buying AI Technology

I’m sure you hear a lot about AI this, blockchain that, and automation is the future. How do you cut through all the noise and decide what is worth your time and what is hype? It can be so confusing...
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Question of polls: Do people vote against the PM, their MP or the party?

From: Buisness-standard Recommended by: business-standard Tomorrow, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi gives his annual speech from Red Fort, millions will be wondering if he will be doing it next year also. Six months ago, it seemed a
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Kris Jenner ate some truly disgusting things to dodge personal questions from James Corden

Choosing between your children is every mother’s worst nightmare.  That includes number one celebrity mum Kris Jenner, who would rather drink a — *holds back vomit* — sardine smoothie than answer which of her children she
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HQ Trivia has an Australian version now, so no more random baseball questions

Aussies will know all too well the pain of being eliminated from HQ Trivia thanks to an extremely U.S.-centric question about baseball or something. Fear no more: The popular quiz app is testing an Australian version of its show, set to launch on
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Kids asking questions about sex is the purest comedy you'll see today

Remember how awkward sex ed was? While it's definitely an integral part of a school's curriculum, I remember everyone in middle school squirming around in discomfort as words such as "penis" and "vagina" were casually spoken by our gym teacher.
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'Who is this for' meme asks the questions on everyone's mind

People on Twitter are known for asking a lot of deep and complex questions, but lately folks have been dropping one very simple yet profound inquiry about the movies and music we all know and love: Who is it made for? It all seems like innocuous
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Sarah Silverman gives some brutally honest answers to these embarrassing Reddit questions

Sometimes you just need to ask the internet the awkward questions you daren't ask other human beings. Things like: Is it normal to fart this much? Is it weird to sit next to your Uber driver? Or, do songs have like, feelings?  Well, Sarah
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An Interview Question to Jump Start Engagement

I recently read an online article with this advice to all job-seekers preparing for an interview: “If the prospective employer doesn’t give you a chance to ask questions, at the end of the interview, ask if you may ask one...