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Process Approach

In the last article on “Statistical Thinking” I concluded by stating that looking at everything as a process and identifying the interacting process is essentially a process approach. Let’s dwell a bit more on Process Approach and
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Statistical Thinking

The 3rd in a series of articles which deal with the basics of quality management & Six Sigma.   Six Sigma is defined as a process improvement methodology based on statistical thinking. But what is Statistical Thinking? Well it is
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When Murphy Speaks- Listen

This is an eye opening article, 2nd in a series of articles which deal with the basics of quality management & Six Sigma.   Pradeep Kumar ET   George E.P. Box is an acknowledged world leader in the application and
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Six Sigma made Simple

If there is a problem at hand and the solution is known, one should just go fix it, but if the solution is not clear, we can use a six sigma approach to solve the same. ‘Six Sigma’ can be defined as a disciplined methodology of
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Re-Engineering Quality in Emerging Service Industry

The Product Quality initiatives will keep getting sidelined unless a Quality business environment that catalyses the growth is cultivated. Most people dismiss quality as another corporate jargon to be paid lip service to . But in the service
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SIX SIGMA: moulding organizational transformation

Globalisation, privatisation, deregulation - the pressure has been mounting on all fronts. It has been accompanied by sagging profits and dropping revenues, counterbalanced by the need to reduce costs on all fronts. Confronted with global
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Various Quality Standards

This is an introductory note on various process improvement standards / frameworks available and being implemented by industry. This note gives an overview and does not attempt to comparatively evaluate any of the programs discussed below.
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Making the most of SIX SIGMA A 360 degree perspective

Xavier: Good evening and welcome to all of you. Before we begin the panel discussion I would like to mention pointers. Following are the threads with respect to Six Sigma that we are keen to focus on here:   1. Misconceptions about Six