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Train- for Business Sake

Spirit- Have you given a thought on why you have training programs in your organization?  Is it because the topic is the most happening thing around; Is it because HR identified a list of topics to be covered for the current year, to fill in
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Bench Marking

Most of us have at some point in time attended a seminar or talk on Benchmarking or read a book or article on this subject.  This is no new topic but I would like to visit the basic intent and purpose of benchmarking; though I will not get into
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Quality Definitions Views of the Gurus

Quality has several definitions though the International Organization for Standardization gives one definition. Let's look at the ISO definition and also what the Guru's have to say about Quality. ISO 9000 Definition: ISO currently
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Quality of Conformance

Quality can be broadly classified into Quality of Conformance and Quality of Design. Quality of Conformance is basically meeting the specified quality or the ability to hold to the specified quality of design. Quality of design is to do with meeting
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Understanding VARIATION

Every day we are flooded with data, be it stock index, billing figures, scrap rates or cricket scores.  We also see the there is variation in all the data we receive, but the capability to understand and handle variation is very important
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Customer Created Quality Problems

I would have been otherwise reluctant to have a title such as this, if it were not the words of a Quality Guru.  We are always used to the term "Customer is the King", but this topic was picked up from one of Juran's books. 
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Quality - what i mean

Quality - The term is always a fuzzy word and keeps me searching for better meaning everyday, as i have to expalin it to many people as part of my job as " Quality Consultant". I read many book on Quality, have taken certifications and
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When Change is Not Desired

Change is the buzz word today, not just in management circles but also in the sphere of life and spirituality. Management Guru Peter Drucker states, "We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. And
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Capturing customer’s perception in true spirits

You may recall the times when you have been asked to give Customer Feedback.  It could be in a restaurant, a health resort / clinic, vehicle service station or even in business by your suppliers. The feed back is either sought for the
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Customer’s Influence on Quality

Do customers play a role in the Quality of Products and Processes? It is a clear "Yes" for sure in a Business to Business environment and we see how customers demand quality certifications from their suppliers, be it ISO 9001 or SEI CMM