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Qualities of a requirements analyst

Theme: Requirements elicitation is a simple, yet complex process. A properly documented requirement will help in achieving successfully customer outcome! Qualities of a requirements analyst is important than the requirements itself
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Six sigma helps cut costs

Cutting down on waste and variation means costs will also drop. Explains....Pradeep Kumar E T, Country Manager - Operational Excellence, Tyco Electronics Corporation India Pvt Ltd. Excerpts from his talk...   He says that first of
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Is your product reliable ?

When a product fails- be it a wrist watch, a mobile phone, an electrical inverter or motor car; the first thing that comes to mind is that it's a manufacturing or inspection error. However it could be neither, the problem could be an inherent
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No Downturn for Quality

  Newspapers and televisions seem to be screaming of economic downturn and recession; there is a gloom in the market and pessimism with whomever you talk on business. Well economics seems to take up and down turn cycles, but for "
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Root Cause

Problem solving tools must be taught across all levels in an organisation to help people approach problem solving in a much more structured and scientific manner.   I have seen that more often than not the root
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Control and Dominance

 Process control is very important to ensure quality of products, but to ensure better process control it is vital to understand the dominating variables in the process and plan control mechanism based on the same. When we talk of Process
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Capacity and Capability

Capacity and capability conveys totally different aspects in respect to operations. In common parlance, capacity and capability are loosely used to mean the same; like we say Sheela is a very capable person or Govind has solid capacity.
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The Energy of Kaizen Events

Kaizen Events, also known as Focused Area Improvement Events offers rapid significant improvement. Within the Six Sigma Lean program typically there are two approaches, namely the continuous improvement and breakthrough. While the project by
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Men may come and Men may go, but Improvements should Go On

 The emphasis must be on visualizing the future and understanding what to improve. How are improvements viewed in your company? By the way what are the things termed as improvements? There are several things that come under the umbrella of
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Train- for Business Sake

Spirit- Have you given a thought on why you have training programs in your organization?  Is it because the topic is the most happening thing around; Is it because HR identified a list of topics to be covered for the current year, to fill in