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Facebook seems to have a new favorite word: Transparency

In the midst of Facebook's biggest public relations crisis ever, the social media behemoth wants everyone to know that it's going to start taking transparency very, very seriously. That new commitment, the company explained, starts with changing its
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Why public relations companies need to be creative

PR persons must learn to think innovatively and provide clients with useful informationThe first word that comes to mind when one thinks of advertising is ‘creativity’. Other phrases or words that might come up are ‘out of the box
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How much public relations does a brand need?

Companies need to be smart about their positioning in the way they handle media relationsAs I write this piece, a public relations adage that comes to mind is “Any news coverage is good”.In this column, I am going to focus some of my
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HR is the New PR

What’s bad for journalism has been good for public relations. Reporters have always had a tendency to leave the trenches of writing stories and the low salaries associated with that profession for the cushy confines of the PR industry. However
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Accounting for social media

From: Buisness-standard By Kanika Datta Recommended by: business-standard Social media has transformed political communication — ask Narendra Modi and Donald Trump — but the impact on the business world has been less obvious.
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Using PR to Attract Top Talent

In movies, we’ve heard about the concept of “force.” Some films use this idea for protection, as in a force field that repels threats. Then there’s the force that’s like a special positive power, helping the good guys
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Brand-building is a two-way street

Clients, too often, don’t like to be advised by PR firms, despite mouthing platitudes that they are partners | Sentavio/Shutterstock It is important for PR companies to lead the relationship rather than merely follow a client’s
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Great Pre-Suasion Moments in History: The Perfect Persuasive Tactic

Before uttering a single word in court, the legal team arguing for marriage equality to the US Supreme Court in 2013 undertook a months-long nationwide public relations campaign with one man as its primary target–Justice Anthony Kennedy, who
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Great Pre-Suasion Moments in History: The Perfect Persuasive Tactic

From: Via: Great Pre-Suasion Moments in History: The Perfect Persuasive Tactic #
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4 Psychology Tips for Better Marketing

From:   By: Jennifer Hakim Via: 4 Psychology Tips for