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PRINCE2 - a robust Project Management methodology

First things first – what is Project Management? A project by definition is a temporary organisation or an actionable team that function with a defined beginning and marked ending, functioning within constraints such as scope, time and
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Planning – Ka-ching!

What is scope creep? What should one do to keep the project on course and from sinking? These are questions that can be answered by a seasoned project manager with ease. Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship. - Benjamin
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Change Initiative 2007- QuEST

PROP – Process for Rolling out Processes   Natarajan Iyer, VP-HR, QuEST- Quality Engineering & Software Technologies   Leaders as change champions are constantly evolving and developing the DNA of their
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Global Manager: The Needed Skills

When an engineer becomes a project manager or program manager, he has to interact with the customer in his day to day activities. To manage the customer, and to lead technical teams, one should have good leadership, managerial and administrative
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It's still raining projects!

International real estate consultant firm Jones Lang LaSalle’s shows Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi to be the top three investors’ choices for real estate investment in 2005 The recent April showers which continued through May, has
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Best practices & tools for software enterprises

Software companies have been helping all other industries the world over, but haven’t spent time and effort on establishing best practices and adopting tools for themselves. Isn’t this a delightful irony! Software companies that have