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Facebook: 'We’re willing to give up profitability' for election integrity

Facebook's security and product leads have been acting globally in the company's effort to regain user trust and protect the integrity of elections worldwide. The world's largest social network cannot take back what occurred on its platform during
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Twitter is *finally* profitable for the first time ever

It turns out cutting back, focusing, and maybe a little Donald Trump can help make money.  SEE ALSO: Twitter must fix verification, but there are no easy solutions Twitter reported its first-ever profitable quarter Thursday after more than four
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Avoiding Turbulence: How Better Business Processes Can Help Airlines Manage Disruptions

When bad weather or other external forces transform a normal day into a disruption, a carrier’s brand and customer promise is on the line, affecting profitability and even employee morale.
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Chart: Here’s How 5 Tech Giants Make Their Billions

From:   By: Jeff Desjardins Via: Chart: Here's How 5 Tech
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Smooth Flights: Using Data To Optimize Airline Operations And Customer Experience

What if effective answers to airline operational problems lie hidden within departmental silos, waiting to be discovered and harnessed to create a real-time situational awareness for operations leaders?
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Joint Ventures and partnerships

From:   By: Anjana Vivek Via: Joint Ventures and partnerships
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Samsungs revenue and profit plummet after Note7 recall

From: Mashable By Stan Schroeder Recommended by: Mashable What a Samsung Galaxy Note7 looks like after its battery blows up. Image: MashableAs expected, Samsung's revenue and profit have fallen sharply in the third quarter of 2016
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Here’s a reminder that profitability is the new vanity metric for startups

From:   By: Jason Del Rey Via: Here’s a reminder that profitability
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Does More Trouble Lie Ahead for Indian Startups?

From: Via: Does More Trouble Lie Ahead for Indian Startups? Jabong, the Indian