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As eSports Prizes Get Higher, Pro Gamers May Face 'Jock Taxes'

As esports salaries, endorsement deals, and prize pots increase, players could find themselves subject to various state Jock Taxes.
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Want a Culture Like Netflix? You Need to Link Values and Recognition

Imagine for a moment that your own company’s culture is run like a professional sports team. Performers are highly rewarded for their contributions. Everyone else is deemed unnecessary and cut from the roster, to make room for future
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Robot-assisted ultrasound imaging supported in two research studies

From: Via: Remote robot-assisted echocardiogram reduces waiting time for diagnosis for patients who live in a rural communities
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Influence PEOPLE - A New Video

From:   By: Brian Ahearn Via: RT @BrianAhearn: Influence PEOPLE - A New Video on the Science of
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India Inc needs to institute 966 women to company boards by Oct 1: Report

From: Via: India Inc needs to institute 966 women to company boards by Oct 1: Report | Business Standard News: Inc. will
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The return of kabaddi

From:   By: Santosh Desai Via: An articulate account of what it will take to inject a new (old) sport
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The First Trillion-Dollar Startup

From:   By: Rhett Morris Via: The first trillion-dollar startup, by @rhettmorris @endeavor_global:
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Millennials, the Friendly Cutthroat Generation

From:   By: Laura Entis Via: Millennials, the Friendly Cutthroat Generation? 10, 2014As
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Australian Graphic Design Startup Canva Raises Additional $3.6M

From:   By: Catherine Shu Via: Australian Graphic Design Startup @canva Raises Additional $3.6M
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Objectivism and India

From: Via: Ayn Rand + Hinduism (at least my views ) + India = Jerry's lovely talk at the Atlas society cultural themes specific to