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Why taking an Oasis is important for productivity

I’m in Arizona about to speak at an event—however, I am recording it in November. You are seeing it now because I actually take off the entire month of December for an extended oasis with my family. Sure, I check email here and there, but most of
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How Timeboxing Works and Why It Will Make You More Productive

When you commit to doing something, decide when you’ll get it done.
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A music service meant to reduce stress and increase productivity is on sale

If you’re the type of person who likes audio meditation — and by that we mean listening to your favorite playlists while working, exercising, or relaxing — then you need to check out iAwake Pro. iAwake has a vast library of unique
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How a small oasis of fun impacts productivity

I recently spoke in Salt Lake City to the Entrepreneur’s Organization for EO Alchemy about the Power of Having Fun and how taking small breaks for something fun can dramatically increase your performance during the day. These little breaks are
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How Productivity Analytics Tools Are Making a Difference

Imagine my surprise when I started receiving emails from Microsoft last summer that included descriptions of my Office 365 activity, like how much time I spent multitasking in meetings, who is my “top collaborator,” how much “focus
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How to Overcome 5 of the Worst Hits to Productivity

Productivity at its most basic, signifies the rate of output per unit of input. The phrase echoes an era where people were seen as elements in a production line, measured by the amount of time it would take them to...
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How finding your rhythm boosts productivity

To take a nap, or not to take a nap, is Mark’s question for me. The answer lies in your body’s natural circadian and ultradian rhythms. Before we get into that a bit more, perhaps you are wondering how you can submit a question to me as
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How to turn pain into productivity

Do you have a low tolerance for pain? That may sound like an odd question to ask with a beautiful hotel like the Shangri-La Makati in Manila in the background. But it’s actually a perfect setting for this topic!  The environment
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5 habits that will make you more productive at work (without trying harder)

From: Via: Simple tips from one of my favorite authors Dan Pink most of us brainstorm how