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The 14 coolest 'Shark Tank' products under $100

Since 2009, Shark Tank — the reality show that invites entrepreneurs to show off their weirdest, wildest, and most innovative inventions — has brought dozens of cool products into the world.  Sure, we have the show to thank for
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Welcome to Product Hunt!

From: Via: Belated shout out to my old friend @mchosid, founder of @PriceLocal -- check it out on 3 more products
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The USGS Water Science School

From:   By: Howard Perlman Via: RT @pmarca: @psygnisfive @vkhosla much water does it take to
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9:27 AM - 29 Jun 2014

From: Via: RT @owenthomas: Happy Pride, @tim_cook. Proud to see you marching with other LGBT Apple employees! yes, just