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How To Upload Products In Bulk To Amazon

Listing of products on Amazon can be very productive. The key points and benefits that Amazon
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Top 30 Indian B2B software product companies with total market cap over $6 billion

From: Recommended by: Anjana Vivek Per a recent report by iSPIRIT, Indian B2B Software Product companies are to be watched out for.. Pofessors from Stanford University and Indian
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Is Your Key Account Management Effective?

If your answer is No, you are part of the majority. Most firms do not succeed in profitably growing large global customers through key account management (KAM). A largish Indian IT services company struggled with managing big customers for
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Don’t let false assumptions cloud your thinking

One afternoon, a woman noticed two small boys on the front step of a house.  They were in their school uniforms carrying their backpacks and she assumed were going home after school.  They were on their tip-toes trying to reach the
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Knowing something about your customer is just as important as knowing your product

On a national sports radio program recently, the two talk show hosts were discussing star quarterback Peyton Manning and the enormous impact he is having in his new football home, Denver. They mentioned that Manning had already learned the entire
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Take care of your customers or someone else will

No business can stay in business without customers.  How customers are treated and sadly, mistreated, determines how long the doors stay open.  Poor quality service has probably doomed as many businesses as poor quality products.
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Before you start your own business, take this entrepreneur test

I have never met anyone who left his or her job, whether fired or voluntarily, who started his or her own business -- and regretted it.  What these people always regret is not having done it sooner.  This includes people who eventually
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Let your 'elevator speech' elevate your business

If you were given a 180-second opportunity to change your business forever, would you be prepared to do it on a moment's notice?  You would if you learn about the elevator speech as defined by Terri Sjodin in her new book,Small Message, Big
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10 Pricing strategies for entrepreneurs

Pricing problems are not rare, and among all issues faced by startups, pricing is right on top. Though there is no perfect pricing method, I am sharing 10 pricing strategies for startups below: 1. Cost-led pricing This is the