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Hey, tax return procrastinators: Get 40% off H&R Block products this week

Tax return season is in full swing and you have until April 15 to get your shit together. If you've been putting it off, we're here to light a fire under your butt — and let you know that H&R products are 40% off now through Sunday, April
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Google Chrome's latest experiment lets your write songs in your browser

In case you needed another excuse to procrastinate today, Google Chrome just launched a new music experiment, and it's pretty addicting.  It's called Song Maker, a browser-based tool that lets you to compose songs with just a few clicks. SEE
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How to Break the Cycle of Laziness and Achieve Your Goals

The Overcoming Laziness IQ Matrix will help you to get out of the habit of indulging in lazy rituals that sabotage your goals and objectives. Life is just too short, and we only have a limited amount of time during the day. Your lazy habits are
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Forget procrastination with these productivity hacks and tips

From: Mashable By Team Commerce Recommended by: Mashable Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.Somewhere inside your lazy bones, there waits a hyper-productive,
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Kill your procrastination by pre-suasive quitting like Robert Cialdini

From:   By: Chris Smith Via: Dr. Cialdini has found a hack for
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Google Trends and Procrastination: What’s the Link?

Data-Savvy entrepreneurs should be familiar with Google Trends. It’s a terrific tool for learning the “what, when, and where” of Google searches. It helps you market efficiently and set sales goals. Except, after 5 minutes or so,
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4 Reasons You Procrastinate and How to Overcome Them

Do you ever put off a task only to find yourself in a mess of panic and anxiety as you scramble to finish it before the due date?Have you ever asked yourself, “Why do I do this?”It’s because it’s a habit. Go on, admit it
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6 times its OK to procrastinate and 5 times its really not

From: Mashable Recommended by: Mashable Woman asleep on sofa with laptop Image: Tim Robberts/Getty ImagesTiming is everything.We treat procrastination as inherently bad, but all it means is delaying something, so why are we so quick to
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Mission <strike>Im</strike>possible: How to Avoid Procrastination

“According to psychologists, procrastination is the act of wanting to feel good now. Basically, procrastination is the adult version of a three-year-old’s ‘I don’t wanna!” tantrum. Procrastination can make life