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Google makes it easier to control your account settings with a new search feature

It seems that now more than ever, tech companies are paying close attention to user privacy and making it easier to adjust your settings. Now, Google is revamping the Google Account hub to make security and privacy settings easier to navigate. The
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Net neutrality and the privacy debate

From: Buisness-standard By Ajit Balakrishnan Recommended by: business-standard The average citizen who looks at the internet as something that made it easy and costless for him to communicate with his friends and loved ones
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Snapchat launches its developer platform, promises to put privacy first

Snapchat's doing what was once the unthinkable: opening up its app to outside developers. Today, the app is officially launching SnapKit, Snapchat's developer platform, which allows developers to bring Snapchat features, like Bitmoji and Stories,
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Apple cracks down on shady developers, and it might hurt Facebook

Apple is trying to make good on its promises to put its users' privacy first. The company updated its App Store guidelines with new rules that prevent shady developers from selling personal data about your friends. SEE ALSO: Apple now lets you
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Another day, another Facebook privacy scandal

This is just getting ridiculous.  A day after Facebook admitted to changing 14 million users' post settings to "public," three days after it was revealed that the company had given an accused national security threat access to data on some
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How Ready Are You For Europe’s Tough New Privacy Rules Coming This Month?

With Europe’s new rules on privacy scheduled to take effect May 25, companies have only a few weeks left to comply with the sweeping requirements regulating customer and employee information. The application of the European Union’s
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After 14 years, Steam finally gets some decent privacy settings

Hardcore gamers won't have to worry anymore about people finding out they've played The Sims for 200 hours over the past two weeks. Valve announced new privacy settings for Steam users Tuesday, allowing people to change how much information others
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Is Facebook’s Breach a Lens to Reexamine LinkedIn?

With daily revelations about Facebook, and our data (and I use that term loosely), and the nuances of constitutes privacy on the aforementioned social network, do we ever stop and think about our relationship with LinkedIn. I’m not talking