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Four Reasons Why Nobody's Paying Attention To Your Presentation

I see you, checking your smartphone under the table in the middle of the presentation. I've done it, too. In fact, during many presentations, no one in the audience is really paying attention.Blame it on our "culture of distraction" if you like, but
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25 Opportunities for Content Creation at Events and Conferences

From:   By: Mike Brown Via: RT @Brainzooming: 25 Opportunities for
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When to, and when not to, use buzzwords....

From:   By: Avinash Kaushik Via: When to, and not to, use buzzwords... + two incredible benefits of simplicity: https
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The Influence & Impact Summit

From: Via: Looking forward to learning from @johncmaxwell at the FREE Online Summit #InfluenceImpactRegister NowJoin
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7 things good communicators must not do

From: Via: this simple but informative TED Talk, Julian Treasure offers up seven things that effective communicators must
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Go ahead, Google me

From: Via: Go ahead, Google me was talking to a colleague the other day, telling him everything I’ve been up to on social media. He
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So long, business plans: tips for dealing with investors business planbusiness plansentrepreneur

From:   By: Josh Urich Via: So long, business plans: tips for dealing with investors
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12 characteristics of a worthwhile online training program online training programonline training programstechnologytraining program

From: Via: 12 characteristics of a worthwhile online training program are lots of online training programs floating around out
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Let your 'elevator speech' elevate your business

If you were given a 180-second opportunity to change your business forever, would you be prepared to do it on a moment's notice?  You would if you learn about the elevator speech as defined by Terri Sjodin in her new book,Small Message, Big
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Life before PowerPoint

In the eighties, the only personal computer a brand manager probably had was a calculator. And how did it make life easier on a presentation ? It helped him total studio bills on the job. Today's 50-year-old senior manager is an