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You won't feel so good if you watched this before watching 'Avengers: Infinity War'

Spoiler alert for 'Avengers: Infinity War' and possibly for other blockbusters and television series. Maybe don't watch this at all if you don't interact with pop culture? Join us as we cover the breaking memes rocking the Internet each week. Let us
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How this AI platform is taking over the business world

Despite the pop culture fiction that artificial intelligence is a far-away puzzle just waiting to be unlocked, the truth is that AI is already a tool that most use often, some of us even every day.  Just think about it: every time you stop to
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Your pop culture bracket is seeded incorrectly and it's killing me

Sit down, Pop Culture Twitter. We need to have a talk. Specifically, about this recent rash of pop culture brackets.  Look, I get it. They look fun and simple and there's nothing more deviously pleasurable than watching your friends squirm as
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This soccer player has started celebrating goals by doing the dances in 'Fortnite'

Every now and then, a game will get so popular that it starts to sneak its way into popular culture. Animal Crossing did it recentlyPokémon Go did it in a massive way a couple of years back. And now, it seems to be Fortnite's turn. The battle
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Not just a brilliant scientist, Stephen Hawking was a pop culture juggernaut

Stephen Hawking got plenty right about the universe, and that even extended to his thoughts on pop culture. "The Simpsons is the best thing on American television," the late astrophysicist said on BBC's The Culture Show, reflecting on his appearance
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Rise - Single

From: Via: @katyperry has no clue that 'Rise' is the credo of @MahindraRise but we thank her for publicizing the word's
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Poking a Dead Frog: Conversations with Today’s Top Comedy Writers

From: Via: Excited to read Poking a Dead Frog by @michaelbsacks. Interviews include @MelBrooks, Amy Poehler, George Saunders:
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If Grumpy Cat crashed the Disney party DeviantARTDisney filmsDisney partyGrumpy CatOscar the Grouch

From: Via: If Grumpy Cat crashed the Disney party since Oscar the Grouch has a character in popular culture so accurately embodied
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The scientific way to find a perfect partner

From: Via: The scientific way to find a perfect spouse: The Optimal Stopping Theory: #math #life #probability :)What are your chances of