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The return of supersonic planes could mean serious pollution problems

Supersonic travel died out in 2003, when the last 100-passenger Concorde jet settled down on a London runway. The costly planes were doomed by their speed: The jets created sonic booms when they broke the 767 mph sound barrier, sending thunderous
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Is Delhi pollution causing some politicians' to make delusional statements?

From: Buisness-standard By Anjuli Bhargava Recommended by: business-standard Could there be a link between Delhi’s air pollution and the strange behaviour and statements of some of our politicians? Can some of the bizarre stuff
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Philippines temporarily closes popular holiday island to tourists due to pollution

One of Philippines' most popular tourist destinations will be off-limits to visitors in a few weeks. The entire island of Boracay will be closed to visitors from Apr. 26, so that it can receive a massive clean-up of dumped sewage and upgrades to its
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More ambitious pollution cuts could save Arctic sea ice and the species that depend on it

The loss of Arctic sea ice is one of the clearest signs of human-caused climate change, and there's been nothing but blinking red alarms coming from the top of the world lately. The past four winters have seen such anemic sea ice growth that they've
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Case for a pollution watchdog

From: Buisness-standard By Laveesh Bhandari Recommended by: business-standard A spate of news stories over the last few months point to an interesting situation in India. Both the regulator and the government — whether central,
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Clearing the air about India, a rising climate action leader

From:   By: Anand Mahindra Via: My op-ed in the San Francisco
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Volkswagen Scandal Reaches All the Way to the Top, Lawsuits Say

From:   By: JACK EWING and HIROKO TABUCHI Via: With VW scale
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Lanzatech raises $60 million to rid the world of toxic gases

From: Via: RT @VentureBeat: Lanzatech raises $60 million to rid the world of toxic gases by @rbyrnereillyClean technology pioneer