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DJI is planning not one but two successors to the Mavic Pro

The drone known as the DJI Mavic Pro has aged well since 2016 — but guess what: There are two successors on the horizon. SEE ALSO: DJI's Spark drone is so small and smart, it could be a game-changer Argos UK, a British catalog retailer,
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Samsung reportedly planning an August reveal for the Galaxy Note 9

Like clockwork, the dog days of summer look set to bring revelations about Samsung's next super-sized Galaxy smartphone. The Galaxy Note 9 is reportedly pegged for an Aug. 9 reveal, according to Bloomberg. It's not quite confirmed, with the site
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Trip Huddle from Kayak aims to make planning group vacations effortless

Kayak is aiming to make some waves in the world of trip planning. Or rather, calm some of them, especially when it comes to group trips. Booking a group trip can be difficult, and one person is generally elected or appointed the leader.  Trip
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Mom catches her 8-year-old planning the most wholesome sleepover ever

Redditor favorite_hoodie's eight-year-old bother was so excited to have his friends over he planned an entire sleepover, complete with a hot tub, full breakfast menu, and board game hour.   SEE ALSO: Little girl pens grim birthday card for mom'
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Business planning in a rapidly changing business environment

From:   By: Anjana Vivek Via: Business planning in a rapidly
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Do you have Waigaya meetings?

Honda does. They have an established practice of spontaneous, agenda-free meetings in which people discuss problems, share facts, express opinions, challenge each other including senior colleagues, and attempt to find effective solutions. It is
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Collaboration: Where Trust is Tested over Time

From: Recommended by: Anjana Vivek   Today, many businesses work and grow through collaboration and partnerships. What are some of the do's and dont's in working with others and
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    It is never surprising to know that 24 hours a day is common to all of us. In spite of this fact, we have  our own role models who are much more successful doing multiple things in a day and still being