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Verizon adds a third 'unlimited' plan in the name of choice

For Verizon, "unlimited" is getting more complicated. A new unlimited tier, Above Unlimited, is joining the current two tiers — Go Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited. Verizon says the whole point is to give consumers more choice, but the new tier
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George Lucas' plan for the Star Wars sequels was ... WTF?

Star Wars creator George Lucas has a long history of making statements about plans for future Star Wars films that do not pan out. At various times since 1977 he has said that his space fantasy series was supposed to be 6, 9, 12 or 15 movies. He has
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Star Wars land revealed: Here's when you can plan your visit

It's the moment Star Wars fans have been dreaming of ever since they caught their first glimpse of that galaxy far, far away: their opportunity to visit it in person. Now Disney has revealed when that auspicious date will be — or at least, the
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Microsoft's new game plan: Powering tech that's way beyond PCs

There's no escaping Microsoft, even if you've already swore yourself to another company's ecosystem. And by the time you notice, it'll be too late, and Microsoft will have invaded everything. Not just PCs, but iPhones, Android devices, drones, smart
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Google's plan to fix texting on Android is really about the death of SMS

Google finally has a plan to fix Android's texting problem. This week, the company confirmed its long-rumored plan to improve messaging on Android and bring its features up to par with other popular messaging apps like Apple's iMessage. Google being
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China's long-term plans for its currency

From: Buisness-standard By Shyam Saran Recommended by: business-standard Tracking the trajectory of the internationalisation of the Chinese currency, renminbi (RMB), is a useful pointer to China’s strategy for achieving
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New plan would pay your deposit back if you return your drinks containers

Blue Planet II just keeps makin' waves. SEE ALSO: Diver films himself swimming in sea filled with plastic rubbish On Wednesday, the UK government proposed plans for all drinks containers — be they plastic, metal, or glass — to be part of