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Man gets hilarious response after pitching astroturfed window boxes to garden show

A British man's ingenuity with astroturf has been rewarded by the Royal Horticultural Society. SEE ALSO: Celebrities reading texts from their moms is hilariously awkward It all started at the end of April, when Twitter user Rob Dickens decided to
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Red Sox pitcher may need to quit 'Fortnite' thanks to carpal tunnel

David Price, one of the Boston Red Sox's best pitchers, may need to quit playing Fortnite if he wants to keep playing baseball. Price sat out Wednesday's game against the New York Yankees due to an issue with his hand — not an issue you want
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Bald eagle forgets handler and lands on Mariners pitcher James Paxton instead

America's national bird had only one job during the pre-game ceremony, but decided to go completely rogue.  The bald eagle, named Challenger (of course), was suppose to fly through the sky during the national anthem and land on the pitcher's
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Did a Human or a Computer Write This?

From: Via: Did a Human or a Computer Write This? #test1“A shallow magnitude 4.7 earthquake was reported Monday morning five miles from
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Brett Bullington’s Road to Recovery

From: Via: Brett Bullington's Road to Recovery. Great to see was Sunny October day near Bartlesville, Oklahama. Brett Bullington, then 59
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Nepal – Mahindra to launch XUV500 W4 at INR 29 lakhs

From:   By: Anjan Ravi Via: RT @indianautos: Nepal – Mahindra to launch XUV500 W4 at INR 29 lakhs