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Snapchat survey finds that Snapchat makes people happy

Nothing brings joy like a grotesquely distorted face filter. According to a Snap-commissioned survey focused on how social media makes people feel, 95 percent of Snapchat users said using the app makes them feel "happy."  Commissioning studies
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Topics to avoid during Thanksgiving dinner, courtesy of Stephen Colbert

If you're hoping for a harmonious Thanksgiving dinner in the current political climate, it might be an idea to avoid certain topics, according to Stephen Colbert. "Another beloved Thanksgiving tradition is stronger than ever: arguing at the dinner
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12 books that are the perfect gift for your favorite hiker

As it turns out, Americans really like to hike. In 2016 the Pew Research Center found that half of Americans had gone on at least one hike the year before.  And it's not just hyperactive 20-somethings. Another study revealed that nearly every
mashable's picture son doesn't play 'Fortnite'

Welcome to Small Humans, an ongoing series at Mashable that looks at how to take care of – and deal with – the kids in your life. Because Dr. Spock is nice and all, but it’s 2018 and we have the entire internet to contend with.
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After losing trust of its users, Facebook assigns them a ‘trustworthiness’ score

Facebook knows it has a trust problem.  In an effort to better manage how its users flag content they object to, the social media giant is planning to rate the trustworthiness of its users on an individual basis. However, the initiative comes
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5 Ways to Leverage Technology to Get the Most From a Job Fair

Recruiting the right talent for your business has always had its share of struggles, but in today’s job market, with fierce competition and wage stagnation, it can feel downright impossible. A Glassdoor study said it takes 23.8 days to make...
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Republicans think social media companies censor opposing political viewpoints

I guess it's easier than just admitting your tweets are bad. A majority of Republicans surveyed by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center claim that the technology companies of the world are liberal, and, what's more, that social media companies
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Americans aren't sold on the idea of sending astronauts back to the moon

Interest in the final frontier isn’t going anywhere. Earlier this year, the Pew Research Center surveyed more than 2,500 American adults, revealing that 70 percent of Americans believe it's essential for the United States to be at the
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Kimmel asked passers-by to name any book, and it went spectacularly badly

Prompted by some recent stats from the Pew Research Center about how many books Americans read, Jimmy Kimmel decided to do some investigating. SEE ALSO: Celebrities reading texts from their moms is hilariously awkward According to the study, about
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How the Internet Is Loosening Our Grip on the Truth

From:   By: Farhad Manjoo Via: How the Internet Is Loosening Our