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In a fast developing country like India, it is heartening to see the spirit of entrepreneurship evolving. This spirit is based on an inherent need In a fast developing country like India, it is heartening to see the spirit of entrepreneurship
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Workplace harmony: How are you responsible?

At some time or the other, each one of us has cribbed about our job, complained of stress, and so on. And we have also known that this does not solve the problem. According to Maya Kalyanpur the solution could possibly be in changing yourself.
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The mind and body connection

Health is one thing you can’t pass the buck about. It is you who is responsible for your health. An out of shape body obviously point to neglect. And that reflects badly on you. Did you know that your mind and body are inseparable and that
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Challenging the mind

The mind is a wonderful creation; it is designed to be lazy.   Next time you are hear a person make a positive comment that sounds utterly impracticable, remember it could be a challenge in disguise and a reminder of a change that
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Know thy customer

Knowing your product as well as a good analysis of your customer could be the magic mantra to closing those crucial deals. Whether you are a teacher, administrator, entrepreneur or technical specialist, you too need to sell – to survive
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Skills Versus Experience

Is the IT industry dominated by qualified persons? Does a technically skilled persons stand a good chance? Are young engineers better then the oldies? Some answers… I have a question in mind all the time. Are technical skills,
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Re-inventing Principles of Leadership

It is about a year since US President Bush declared that major combat in Iraq was over. I remember reading a report where the Harvard Business School members had voiced their dissent on their alumnus Mr.Bush’s adventure in Gulf War II. What
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First Impressions count

Most people pride themselves on being able to size people up in a few seconds. Research has indicated that people normally take only 4 seconds to make up their minds about you. Then, they gather information that will substantiate their original
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Choose To Change!

I have just returned from a tour of five major cities of our country, doing transformational training for an MNC. While I did my bit and motivated people to understand the need for accepting change and managing it in a positive manner, I learnt so
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A New Year - A New Purpose.

The soul that has no established aim loses itself – Michael de Montaigne. The new year is upon us again, and as you read this special issue of Best Practices, I am sure that you will be motivated to implement some of these ideas in your