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Make or Break

  Communicating the right way can make or break your company. Positive reinforcement can motivate employees and change their attitude for the better.   Communication is a clear and distinct factor for achieving success in today
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Mind Power

Meditation can rejuvenate and help you see life with a new perspective. Invest in your health and reap the benefits. When we use the power of the PC or a laptop, a vehicle or a mobile phone, we know that things are expanding and evolving at a
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Of resolutions, and the reason why

Why are resolutions important? Where will they take us? Are they as important to businesses as to individuals? Find out … “What is your new year resolution?” we asked a couple who are friends of ours. “Not to fight
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Looking beyond surgery

These days every professional, and not just those who work in the IT industry, need to work with a Personal Computer. As most of us spend a lot of our time working at the computer workstation, it’s important to know that sitting improperly can
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Planning for Success!

We cannot change yesterday, why worry about tomorrow, if we can do our best today? It’s a New Year and a chance to make a new beginning. We may have made resolutions in the past and not achieved them. But is the past going to be our
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Why survive, when you can thrive?

Making the best out of life is not difficult, provided you keep it simple. On the eve of the new year, re-learn some basic ways to live life. While dealing with the human psyche, and helping people enhance their personal and professional lives
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Beware the first impression

You need to work at creating a good first impression. It’s not rocket science, but needs attention, nevertheless. The first impression is the last impression. Thus went the old adage. So true, and we now know that we are judged by others
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All work and no play?

Corporates may have no time for sports. But it is often they who need to play sports the most, because of their cramped-in, sedentary, and stressed out lifestyles. As many acknowledge this, corporate sport is fast catching on. The entire
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Diet doesn't mean suffering!

Diet means planning your food, well to best & maintaining idle weight. Fibre is very important not just in maintaining weight but in slowing the moment of food through out your body & decreasing the after meal blood glucose levels.
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Manage your time better

Thus goes a riddle: "Why does time fly?" and pat comes the reply: "Because so many are trying to kill it!" Some of us do regret losing two or more ‘golden hours/ day,' each set with 60 ‘diamond' minutes.'