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Small Talk.

Time seems to be a big enemy for those who want to run up the corporate ladder. Business houses want to use every available moment to close more sales. However, people who do more business know that even though we would love to get down to brass
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The POWER of the WORD.

The much touted expression Positive Mental Attitude is almost clichéd. But the idea is a simple, powerful tool that any of us could exploit for a happier life.   The corporate world is more and more focused on results, through
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He Talk She Talk

You will never understand me! Says the angry wife to her confused husband.   He looks at her, shaking his head and muttering... How can I understand you, when you say one thing, and mean something else?   People have
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Add spirit …to the sizzle.

A sales tenet screams:   Sell the sizzle, not the steak.   The above reads well on paper. However, if it were so easy to transform people, how is it that we often fail to push people beyond the level that they have set for
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The Voice – Indication of Emotional State

Have you ever been shouted at? What do you remember? The words that were used, or the tone of voice? Most often, we remember the tone of voice. It is the tone of voice that conveys the emotional part of the message.
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The Eyes – Doorway to the Mind

I remember very clearly the family doctor whom we consulted when we were kids. I used to find it funny whenever the learned doctor asked me to open my eyes wide, while he would lift the upper eyelids, or pull down the lower eyelids, and peer into
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Communication is the KEY!

As humans, we are social animals, with a common trait that goes across borders, religions, caste or creed is that we all need and have to communicate. The medium we use is language. We use language to communicate our thoughts, our feelings, and our
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New Beginnings...

The NEW YEAR brings new beginnings. It is a time for celebration, and socializing. It is also a time for looking at our lives and checking what we have achieved and where we have slipped... The idea, of course is to see what we can do to improve
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Memories or Dreams?

“Do you Live in your Memories or in your Dreams?” This quote attributed to Ratan Tata came up for discussion among a group of friends. The setting was right, a new year was dawning... Is it co-incidence that countries and
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Charisma The Power to Attract

How would you like to be the centre of attraction, wherever you go?   One of the most important facets for success today is the ability to draw people to you. This is popularly called attraction, but socially it is termed Charisma. In a