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Reading between and beyond the lines

Body language speaks more than words and voice about the individual. What is said through the words is therefore less than 10% of the message, and more than 90 % is non-verbal. Therefore, read the words in conjunction with the voice inflections and
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Questions Matter

Ian Faria insists to develop the skill of asking questions as it makes learning faster and better. It is the best way to get information, clarity, or a new learning. He also explains the different types of  questions that could be asked.
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Hot Buttons

When the sensitive spots referred as hot buttons are touched or pushed then an individual looses the self control and behaves negatively like irritated, depressed or angry. To get the control on one's own life one should apply the 5 step
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Self image and its impact on how you communicate

Self Image and Inner Dialogue affects the communication to a large extent. It is crucial to improve the self image in order to enhance communication skills. The number of people wanting to improve their communication skills today is
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Public Speaking –Leaving a great impression

Speaking in Public is the world's biggest fear. But for those who know better.... it is an art form that is easily learned. In fact, it takes less than two days to learn effective public speaking. Read on, and you will learn something very
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Public speaking - two way communicating

According to The book of lists, the fear of Public Speaking is listed as the top fear. It is ahead of even the fear of death. Some experts believe that less than 2% of the world's population can speak effectively in public. I am of the opinion
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Power of positive thinking

Here's a story about George Dantzig - the famed mathematician who's contributions to Operations Research and systems engineering have made him immortal       Truth in urban legends  
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Creating an Impact

The influencers are those who connect with and impact other people. Leaders - Religious/Political/Corporate, Sales people, Managers, TV and Radio Show hosts, Trainers and Teachers, are at the top end of  the category of influencers. The circle
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Credible communication

Business and Industry is falling in line to stay credible in the mind of the customer. Business and Industry is falling in line to stay credible in the mind of the customer.   Stephen R Covey's son, Stephen M. R. Covey has
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Pausing to Learn

People who communicate well are acknowledged for their ability, to socialize, to sell, to lead and to manage. However, while we know that speaking well is important, we often do not realize the power in listening well.    The best