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Positive Speak in a Negative World

Stock market crashes, communal tensions, violence and mayhem are all part of our lives. The world seems to be indulging in hara-kiri. Ian Faria gives simple steps that helps to stand tall amidst the ruins. Stock market crashes, communal
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Building your personal brand

Here are some ways in which you can improve your personal brand. Ian Faria introduces the reader with a simple formula for building personal brand- the ABC-I formula. The ABC part is what individual control. The I part is what the other person
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The write way

Handwriting analysis becomes a handy tool for the employer. Handwriting reveals the true personality, it is a tool using which you can analyze the personality of your prospective employee and not be judgmental about him just by his appearance.
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3 Simple steps to a better YOU

Confidence, courtsey and connection are three important C's that help in creating a good first impression thats lasts forever. One of my favorite Hindi movies of all times - Anand, always reminds me of how the protagonist, named Anand , (
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Irresistible Introductions

Making a great first impression in a networking situation is vital. Is your introduction working? Is it getting people to say "How do you do that? Tell me more" or is it a conversation killer? Are you making the most common mistakes that
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Build your brand in bits and bytes

In a world that is becoming more and more virtual, your online identity is becoming a key element in your personal branding plan.   "82% of candidates expect recruiters to look them up online.
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Signature Style

A well groomed person makes an immediate impact and also shows that he/she means business....... A well groomed person makes an immediate impact and also shows that he/she means business.......   Namrata G , Fashion Designer, Kairos
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Creating a lasting impression

You can be the person who makes an impact  wherever you go and whenever you go. Some practical tips from a Success coach, Corporate Trainer and Transformator........   IAN Faria, Founder and principle  moti-vator Academy
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Intention and Response

Look before you Leap... Think before you Speak. It is prudent to be Cautious. Thinking before speaking is a powerful formula for protecting ourselves and keeping our relationships in order. In a world that is driven by instant answers and
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The power of words

Communication can make or break relationships; it can mend or end a broken heart. The message should be understood from the speaker's view point in order to misunderstanding. A wise man once said.. the pen is mightier than the sword. Some