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An ego check is in order if . . .

U.S. President Lyndon Johnson was famous for his well-developed ego.  For relaxation, Johnson liked to drive himself around his Texas ranch and vicinity.  One day he was stopped by a Texas patrolman for speeding.  When the patrolman
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Four psychiatrists shared a hotel suite at a convention.Talking one night, one of them said, “You know, people are always telling us their troubles,but we have no one to talk to about our problems.”Another psychiatrist agreed. “Let’s tell each other
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Want a top tech job These 8 expert tips will help you rise above the rest

From: Mashable By Erin Greenawald for The MuseRecommended by: MashableIf you’re planning to look for a new job this year, you’re not alone.Which might leave you wondering: How, exactly, does one get noticed in a crowded, motivated pool of
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Changing Mindset

How long does it take to change one's life?                                  
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Control your Moods

Every time you lose your temper, you get scared, or you get excited, remember that you are experiencing a mood shift. When these mood shifts are intense, they're called mood swings.  Man, as an emotional entity, is prone to
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Understanding Moods and Emotions

We somehow manage to control things around us.  Yet, our biggest challenge - is to control things inside us.
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Awareness - the Magic Mirror

If only we all had a way to look at ourselves objectively... we would surely all be more effective and efficient. We would surely not have made many mistakes, and we could also have reached success earlier. So what is the MIRROR? How do we use this
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Become 'the most likely to succeed'

Were you voted "most likely to succeed" back in high school?   That moniker had mixed implications.  A recent survey reported in The Wall Street Journal showed that about one third of the respondents described the award
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How much one should work?

My cousins who are doing very well and in the process of shifting to another house commented that they need to change their lifestyle by taking it easy hereafter. Another friend of mine who is well settled is giving more time to his health and
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Jump your Learning ...Don’t jump to Conclusions

One outstanding power of the mind, is that it is Creative. It is able to fill in the blanks... and it is also able to ‘auto correct' and draw its own conclusions. The paradox... is that we often jump to the wrong conclusions, even before