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Google Is Now Alphabet

From: Via: Google Is Now Alphabet Google is now part of Alphabet, a new holding company that will manage Google and all of its other
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From: Via: Alphabet has 10 filled out with companies (two named C). 16 more to go! [x] incubating some already! :)InvestorsWe did a lot of
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This is a model of Space Ship One, the first private aircraft to make it to space and back. It hangs in B43 at Google in Mt. View.

From: Via: This is a model of Space Ship One, the first private aircraft to make it to space and back. It hangs…'ve been inspired every
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4 Types Of Useless Phrases You Need To Eliminate From Your Emails

No matter how much it stresses you out, you likely can’t do your job without email—at least some of the time.A recent survey from the Pew Research Center discovered that six in 10 (61%) of American workers claimed that email is "very important" to
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It Pays to Give Thanks at the Office

From:   By: Janice Kaplan Via: It Pays to Give Thanks at the Office #liking #reciprocity @
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The Finest Google Analytics Setup in Shopify for Splendid Data

From: Via: Using @shopify? Here's a great, detailed, guide on how to set up and get value from @googleanalytics: day ladies
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Guide to Your Local SEO

Having a local SEO strategy is place is essential to attracting more clients to your business,
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We are moving from a single-device pull world to a multi-device push world: Vikram Malhi

We think the volume of push notifications is five times the amount of Google queries, Vikram Malhi tells Alokananda ChakrabortyCan you give us a sense of your product strategy, given that the market you operate in has intense competition? There sure
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From Sounding Confident To Getting More Out Of Gmail: July's Most Popular Leadership Stories

This month, we picked up a few handy Gmail hacks, found out which bland adjectives to avoid on LinkedIn, and learned some ways to sound more confident.Here are the stories you loved in Leadership for the month of July.Everyone is familiar with tech