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How Google's Head Of Marketing Handles 20 Meetings A Day

"Google is a very fast-paced place," says Lorraine Twohill, the company's senior VP of global marketing. "It’s never gotten boring, but you also have to be super organized." A 12-year Google veteran, Twohill is intimately familiar with the company’s
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Productivity Secrets of People Who Have Achieved Inbox Zero

An empty email inbox may seem like an unattainable dream, but the people who have figured out how to do it are sharing some of their secrets. Here's what they know."Archive anything that’s an FYI or that maybe you need to refer to again," says Mark
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The Most Productive Month Of My Life

There are two kinds of people: Those who thrive when things are in order, and people like me, who thrive in a state of chaos.I’m a freelance writer and stand-up comic, which means I juggle two separate lives: Day Lindsay and Night Lindsay. There’s a
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More than half of Google searches now come from mobile

The common phrase "Just Google it" has always been indicative of our dependence on search engines, though we never think about how frequently those searches occur.Amit Singhal, senior vice president of Google Search, put things into perspective on
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The Impact of Churn

From: Via: How can a 5% churn rate equal 50% loss in customers? Explanation: a net churn rate below 5%
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Former Googler On The Challenges Of Being "Double Minority" In Tech

For as long as she can remember, Jamesha Fisher liked to figure out how things worked. Fisher, a former Googler who is currently a "DevOps security pirate" at CloudPassage (where she helps keep automated infrastructure up and running safely),
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Today is the last day of Google as you know it

Google as you know it is about to change forever... ish.The Internet giant announced Friday that it expects to transition its stock from "Google Inc" to "Alphabet" at the end of the business day, marking the official start of the next era of Google
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What Taking On Google Taught Me About Startup Traction

In 2006, I sold an Internet company that I had cofounded a few years earlier for millions of dollars. It was a strange company for many reasons, not the least of which was that we had no employees from beginning to end. I wrote every line of code
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Google is being investigated for playing favorites with its own apps

Apparently Google's restructuring into "Alphabet" didn't do very much to throw regulators off the giant company's scent.The U.S. is said to be pursuing an antitrust investigation into Google's Android operating system due to concerns that Google is
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Google becomes a rival to Amazon to deliver your fresh fruits and veggies

The biggest names in tech are waging a war over who gets to bring you fruits and veggies.Google is planning to test a new option to deliver fresh grocery items from select food chains to customers through its Google Express shopping service in San