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Real Estate Investments Made Simple:

Gold and Real estate are very traditional investment avenues. Gold has evolved from its traditional investing and found its place in the modern sophisticated investment world via Gold ETFs. Similarly Real estate is also emerging as an investor
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Is lack of time making you go crazy in your attempt to plan your finance?

Balaji is working for an MNC. Today he has got a deadline for a particular assignment. His day is fully packed. First thing in the morning, he receives a mail from his HR Dept stating that today is the last date for producing proofs for tax saving
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A step by step guide to first financial plan

Prabu was a college student till yesterday. Today he has got a job. He has changed his costume from T-shirt and jeans to a formal wear with a tie. When he got his first pay cheque, his father advised him to save, his girl friend asked him to take
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Investment - An Analysis and Opportunities in India

The Investor's Meet threw light on the pros and cons of investments, methods of investing, key and latest trends in investments and a brief introduction to the latest Budget. Mr. R. Chenraj Jain, Chairman, Jain Group of Institution,
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Caveat Emptor

  Investing is more an art than a science, here are some ruminations on investing.   Understanding the value of an investment was the grand topic that the Businessgyan edit team set out to find answers for. What we found was
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Financial Investments for individuals

Financial Investments is a huge subject with no ready made set patterns that could be referred to. The aim is to divert and grow a part of ones income by investing in products and businesses which are generally other than ones own. It is not
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It's tax time

If you are filing income tax returns through your employer, this article is a must-read.   Every person, whose income exceeds the minimum amount not chargeable to tax shall be required to file the returns within the due date mentioned
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Investment tips for the young

Young people start earning pretty early these days. So isn’t it a better idea to also start saving early, to ensure a tension-free and comfortable later life? One thing that perhaps doesn’t come naturally to youth is the habit of
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Dispelling Insurance Myths

In the centre of the life insurance boom is another boom: namely that of health insurance. A new breed of Third Party Administrators (TPAs) has entered the scene to facilitate insurance distribution. TPAs are middlemen in the chain of
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Reinventing the Provident Fund

Recently when the Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FKCCI) had organised an interaction of the industry representatives with the Central Provident Fund Commissioner, several concerns about EPF were raised. We later met